May 2007 archive

Why, Why Why

Several years ago, when I was working full time, Papa visited a well-known disease-specialized clinic and it’s hospital regularly, having chemo, surgery, radiation, and a variety of blood work and other associated services.  We waged a continuing battle to have the charges billed to the correct insurance, the write-off’s entered, and details taken care of.  …

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I fixed the RSS feeds. I got spam. 100% correlation. So, the RSS feed that enables me to let the world know I’m wasting time writing for my own satisfaction, and pretending that someone wants to read it, also makes it possible for the cyber-world slimeballs to attempt to use my resources to spread their …

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Nature’s Wonders

We traveled “up north” over the holiday.  Driving from one country cemetery to another, on an old two-track we saw a flash as a deer jumped off the road in front of us.  Just ahead, in the road lay an new fawn.  Papa came to a stop as the fawn struggled to it’s feet and …

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Country Current – Bluegrass Unit

There has been some discussion recently about the instruments played by the US Navy Band, Country Current — Bluegrass Unit.  We saw them in May, 2004 and I posted a couple of photographs.  They aren’t the best, but they do show the instruments played by the group.  (Yes, that’s Roy Lewis).

Lost, the LIST

This is a real problem, I have some shopping to do, and my list is not in my purse.  Really, it’s nowhere that I can see.  I have my “to do” list, it’s right on my desk.  But, the shopping list traveled with me yesterday, and is now MIA.  Whenever I can’t find something, I remember …

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One Agreement

In my internet conversations and explorations I’ve come in contact with a variety of people, many of whom I might not otherwise have been aware of.  One is a blogger/commentator by the name of Brendan Skwire.  Now, I must say that I am not a political animal, and I have little interest in politics.  I …

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Fix it?

I’d love to fix the rss feed and customize the presentation of this blog. I’ll do that when everything else is done, in 100 years or so. The feed got screwed up when I upgraded to 2.2. I also lost my theme and all my widgets, like MyBlogLog. I guess I should have addressed those …

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Pay Day

Most of us love pay day, it gives us a chance to catch up on bills or whatever.   Today is my pay day.  I pay for spending several days with GD1, and the weekend with her and her 2 siblings, ignoring all my work.  We had a wonderful time at the West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association …

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Promise Me

I opened yesterday’s FREEP last night and found this.  Regulars may remember that I wrote a little about D2 relocating to the city in question, as a teacher in the schools mentioned.  It would appear, from the comments on the FREEP site that plenty of people have opinions on the Promise, but few of them …

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Another Monday

Monday again.  Thanks to help from all, the yard is looking pretty good.  I’m going to need roller skates to make it through this week, but waiting at the end is the West Michigan Bluegrass Association Mayfest.  We’re taking GS3 and his sisters, GD1 and GD2.  It should be fun for all of us, and …

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