April 2007 archive

Random Musical Thoughts

A while ago, I ripped all our tapes and CD’s to the main computer. I’ll be investing in a turntable to do all the albums soon, perhaps before next winter. I just made a playlist of all the songs with a Pete Goble writing credit. It’s an interesting list, but probably contains less than a …

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Lose a phone lately?

Granny’s home has the usual utilities, electricity, natural gas, water, and some others, satallite radio and TV, land-line phone and DSL. We also have cell phones. On Saturday, during the amazing presentation of “Go Diego, Go Live”, I lost my cell phone. It was in my pocket early in the show, I used it to …

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The Lost is found

Last fall, I hauled out a cool game that I remembered from my youth, so I could enjoy it wth GD1.  She had great small muscle coordination, but she couldn’t manage both the ball and the jacks at that time.  I put it away after she left, but one of the 10 jacks was missing. Oh …

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Great Singer

I’ve enjoyed Barry Scott’s singing since I first saw him.  Check out this great video on YouTube.  Or, this one.  Or all of them.

List — or Lists?

Last night, as the troops were helping me with the dishes, I said that something needed to be put on the list.  A family member said, “You’re always putting something on a list”.  That was a correct statement. When I worked, I kept complicated project plans, with date assumptions, and other frightening things.  Now that …

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New Pictures

Papa has been taking a lot of photos lately, and I’ve not done too well at posting them for the world to see.  We recently attended a wonderful festival hosted by Joe Mullins, the Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival.  The photographs of the bands onstage are posted here.  Rhonda Vincent, Bobby Osborne, The Hart brothers, David …

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Too Much Illness

Everyone seems to be fine here at home, but may in our extended family and circle of friends are having health problems.  My Mom is ill, my son-in-law’s Mom is ill, and several friends are facing similar challenges.  I’ m looking out at the sun and the greening lawn, and hoping for a day filled …

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It Happened Here

I was working on a project yesterday, when D3 came running down and told me about this.  The shooting part had already occurred and police were trying to secure the building and find the shooter.  I assured her that anyone running from the law would not be driving into our sub, a couple of miles …

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The Real World

Welcome to the real world, is what I thought when we arrived at my Mother-in-law’s home, “up North”. They were at the end of one bang up winter storm. The snow wasn’t too deep, a couple of feet where it blew up drifts behind the house, but it’s April, for heaven’s sake. I saw her …

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The List

My to-do list ran over 25 items this morning.  Perhaps I’m making too many lists?  Or putting too much on them?  Updating this blog was not on it; that pretty much shows why the list is so long.  I’m down to 11 things, so it’s getting better.  Why do the cats know I’m leaving?  I …

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