December 2006 archive

Hi, from beautiful Jekyll Island, Georgia

Papa and I had an uneventful trip to the area, but it is a long haul, longer each year.  The beach is beautiful, and we saw a dolphin near shore feeding on Wednesday.   The bluegrass show put on by Adams and Anderson has been enjoyable for Papa and I.  Yesterday, we had an experience …

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Merry Christmas, in Spite of the Warm Weather

D3 is off to work, Papa is driving her today.  She is plenty old enough to drive herself, but her place of employment is 10 miles in the direction we’re doing after she finished work.  It makes sense for us to pick her up on the way.  And, she won’t have a car sitting in …

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The Night Before the Night Before

Today is the 23rd, usually a busy day.  But we didn’t have a thing to do.  We removed our tree and packed Christmas away for another year.  We cleaned.  We packed our car for the trip to Jekyll on the 26th, and packed our van for our Christmas with grandma up North.  We visited some …

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Now what?

The year is almost over.  Papa is working his last day of the year today.  We will be heading down to Jekyll Island on the 26th,for the Adams and Anderson bluegrass show.  We kind of take it easy going down, but we should be there in time for a walk on the beach on Wednesday, …

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Watch out for the Stool

Granddaughter 2 is a lovely child, about 2-1/2 years old.  She is heavily influenced by living in a home filled with words, books and 2 older siblings.  Never, not even in her first months, was she satisfied to be little, younger, less able unable.  She has simply grown up reaching for tasks that are normally …

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Granny’s Family Christmas

In case you didn’t guess, the granddaughters are here, and I couldn’t blog much, even if I wanted to.  But they are too much fun.  It’s 40 degrees here, very unusual.  We’re making pie and rolls and then we’ll make the dressing for tomorrow’s turkey. The presents under my tree and killing them, they want …

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Left Over Biscuits

RIP,  Dempsey Young (Photos from the Charlotte Bluegrass Festival, June 2006 –copyright, 2006 Sometimes, there is nothing to say that really helps or expresses one’s thoughts.  Lots of people have tried: Lost and Found guestbook Dempsey Young Story Dempsey Young Guestbook

Just Another busy day

Our car needed some repairs, so I took it in yesterday.  Papa drives the car for work, and it gets a lot of miles put on it.  It took us to Pigeon Forge, and it will also take us to Jekyll Island later this month.  We have a long-standing relationship with the car repair man, …

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The Real World

So, we’re home from Tennessee.  We had a great time at the Larkin family’s Christmas in the Smokies.  We slept in, talked to a bunch of nice people, looked at the great light displays in Pigeon Forge, all the Fudgie stuff. On the way home we noted some changes in the scenery since our last …

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What Planet are you from?

So, we’ve been to the flea market again.  I say again, because they seem the same everywhere.  The vinyl banners, the refurbished computers, the cheap jewelry, the candles, and the rejected household goods seem to clone themselves from location to location.  Of interest this year is the trend of groups of boxes of dollar items …

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