Another Monday, hot and humid

Here I am, at a McDonalds, trying to catch up with the world.  Not doing too well, and not doing to badly either.

I’m posting Papa’s pictures from the Mountain Top Festival, held in Pennsylvania last weekend.  The speed of the connection is so slow, that it will take me 3 hours to do so!? 
I’m going to adjust the settings at try again, but, perhaps it will have to wait till I get home next weekend.

And, someone’s way too tired child is whining, whimpering, crying, or throwing a tantrum, depending on how you look at it.  I think the poor thing is pretty tired; after all, it’s 8 p.m., almost.

I spent the day trying to keep up with 3 underage (at least under my age) children.  It gets harder each year.  And it was HOT here today.  But, we did a playground, a library, and then a friend of D2’s had them over to play for the afternoon.  I kept busy with chores that seem unimportant, but do need to be done.

Tomorrow is another day, perhaps I’ll gain energy tonight!

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