Back to Normal?

I sure am happy to be home again. The past couple of days have been taken up by looking around, walking around, sleeping in my own bed, sitting in my own chair, using my big computer (as apposed to my laptop) and generally feeling happy

The best news is that GD1 is feeling “great”.  She was running, riding her bike and generally causing havoc when I left. Back to normal, a good thing.

The catties seem happy too, but they were not too cordial when I first arrived. I brought toys, threw them around for the cats to play with, and so on. And, I have not had a cat in my lap since I returned. D1 asked if we missed Lucy/Lucifer/Squeaky (three names, one cat) last night. It could be good news that a cat was not pushing us around in the bed, or bad news, but my answer was something like “not at all”.  Today Chloe was playing fetch with me, so I guess she forgives me, or at least likes the new toys

We saw some good music Friday night at the Kentuckians of Michigan. I’ll get the pictures posted today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever!

The sun is shining, that is good.

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