Summer days

It’s been a long couple of weeks. We enjoyed a 3-day camping trip with grandson Three and granddaughter One. They were fun, for the fishing, s’mores, the fireworks, and the whole weekend in general. We took them to meet their mom, daughter Two and drove Lex home for re-supply.

Garden, laundry, and one nights sleep and we were off to Pennsylvania. Grandson Three says, “where the pencils live”. We didn’t see a single pencil, they probably rolled away. Papa and I spend six great nights alone-that sure doesn’t happen too often.

We saw a bunch of great bluegrass bands at the Mountain Top Festival, near Tarentum, Pennsylvania. The groups included a favorite of Sista Smiff, The Grascals. The Grascals are in a class by themselves, as far as I’m concerned.

We also were able to see Kenny Baker on fiddle with several different groups. Smoothest fiddle player of all time. Audie Blaylock and Michael Cleveland have teamed up and did 2 great shows.

Then back home to a lot of un-done chores which may never get done. Papa has a class reunion this weekend–so we’re off to see all the old people. Well, they seem old to us, even though we don’t feel any different.

I’ve got to pull some weeds!

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