Suburban Deer?

We’ve seen deer before in this town of 80,000+, but that has usually been the Royal We. I saw one yesterday, as I journeyed to the mailbox. It was standing in the neighbor’s yard across the street. I startled it, and it ran up the street, and then back through our lot to a spot near the neighbor’s garden. 10 minutes later, it was still standing there, thus the photo.

Using Google Earth, we can still see some unpopulated areas where they must live, but fewer and fewer. Most of the wildlife has been squeezed out here, and it’s probably for the best we don’t see too many deer. They get hit by cars, go through store windows, and generally have a hard time in the city.

We need rain—wasn’t I just complaining about too much of it several weeks ago. We’ve been missed by recent showers, and everything is dry. Today, after a trip to the vet with the kittens I must mow the lawn, hoe and water the garden and water the plants. It’s an even day, so I can water outside. Everything seems to be on a schedule.

Grandson one is all graduated. He looked quite solemn and way too young. He was a great gentleman at the open house and has written his thank you notes. The Navy called and offered to look for a pull-ahead date. That means he might leave earlier than his scheduled November 8th. Life rolls on—out of control.

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