Rain, rain, rain

 I’ve had a rain gauge for several years, but I can’t remember to bring them inside in the winter and they freeze and break. Daughter Three gifted me with a new one for Mother’s day. It hasn’t stopped raining since, and it rained almost every day in May before the gift. There have been 7/8 twice since I put the darn thing out Tuesday. So… that’s 14/8, 1-6/8, 1-3/4. Thanks for letting me complete the math, never my best subject.

The garden is a mud hole. Not sure if the tomatoes will survive, and also not sure if anything else will come up. We should have planted rice. The forecast is for light rain through tomorrow noon.

The new kitties are running all over. Our cat Fred died a while back, quite a shock as he was pretty young. So, we had lost 2 cats in less than a couple of years. Daughter One went to an adopt a pet event and came home with 2 kittens, both female, both cute. They don’t look like any other cats we’ve had, that’s a big plus around here. We are cat people for sure, and these are cute. They are named, but we don’t all agree on the names. They have grown a pound each since arrival, about 2 weeks ago.

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