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Aug 13

Lakeview Cemetery, Howell, Michigan – Charles and Lena Yournd

This entry is part 15 of 60 in the series Cemeteries

This entry is part 15 of 60 in the series CemeteriesLakeview Cemetery 920 Roosevelt, Howell, Michigan, 48843. I asked as a child where the Yearnds came from, and the answer was “Howell”. When we moved to Detroit in, one of the first things I did was make the short drive to Howell to see what …

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Apr 15

Not so Wordless Wednesday

For the most recent scanfest, I scanned photos from a small black leather book.  The book was passed on to me, and had been among my father’s things.  I have been puzzled about the books contents, but I am more convinced now that the photos were taken by my grandparents, William and Winnie (Kaiser) Yearnd.  …

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Mar 18

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Well, here I go again.  Today’s words are about my paternal grandmother, Winnie Alice (Kaiser) Yearnd. In this photo she is sitting at the dining room table in her home at 703 E. Division, Cadillac.  That is also the place my family lived from about 1958 until my parents divorced and I moved away to …

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Mar 11

Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

Joining on a Meme that Craig started, he says: “…List the surnames you are researching and the general localities. Then tell the names of your “Most Wanted Ancestors,” that is, the ones you most want to find behind that brickwall. (You can tag people if you want; I’ve chosen not to do that here so …

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May 27

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook Concluded

The remaining pages in the book are newspaper clippings and other personal items. Here are the photographs with people I can’t identify. These are from throughout the book. From left to right, Marion, Jane and Helen Yearnd. I can’t ID the man in the background, or the girl on the far right. On the left, …

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May 25

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook page 21, Take Two

Here are some photographs that have people I can’t identify from page 21. If you know any of these people, please let me know!

May 24

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, page 21

Pages 18-20 of sweetie’s scrapbook contain newspaper clippings, programs, invitations and cards, which I have omitted. The photos on sage 21 are mainly of Winnie and her husband, and a few family photos. Here is a lady that looks like Aunt Jane Yearnd with Grandpa Kaiser. Grandpa Kaiser would be William Kaiser, 1862-1940. He was …

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May 23

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 17

Page 17 of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains newer photos, mainly of Winnie and her husband, William; some of their children are included. Two living grandchildren are pictured, I have omitted that photo. First is a baby, I don’t know which baby. Second, my Dad, James Yearnd, with Richard Domey. Richard Domey was the husband of Helen …

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May 22

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 16

This page of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains a copy of a campaign flyer. My grandfather ran for, and was elected to a circuit court judgeship in 1947. I think the flyer is interesting because of the polite language it uses, the format it takes, and the information given. This scan shows the back cover on the …

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May 11

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, page 15- take 2

There are 3 class photos on page 15. I believe they must have a young Jane in them, since the time looks right, and they are on “her” page. Can you help? Which child in each of these three photographs is Margaret Jane Yearnd? These are thumbnails, you can click each to see the original …

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