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Feb 27

Roger Gives Sage Advice

The library of Michigan is again severely threatened, again. Or perhaps it is “still threatened”. I am sad and upset about the assault on this fine facility, and it’s collection. You can a statement from the Michigan Genealogical Council on their site. Since MGC is soliciting ideas, please feel free to send suggestions to they …

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Nov 06

Michigan Electronic Library and Michigan Electronic Catalog — A Survey

You remember last summer, right? Members of two pretty main-stream groups, genealogists and librarians protested in support of the Library of Michigan when funding was threatened. The Department of History, Arts and Libraries was abolished, the Library of Michigan and the services it provides were moved to the Michigan Department of Education. Some subtle changes …

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Sep 12

The Library and Archives of Michigan, What Now?

This is an article which contains my opinion, and my opinion only. Governor Granholm has amended her original Executive Order (EO 2009-36) with an additional Executive Order, 2009-43. Both the orders can be read here. I have read several articles regarding this amendment, but most of the recent press coverage has focused on Last Thursday’s …

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Aug 24

Library of Michigan, Department of History, Arts and Libraries

I received a copy of this message, originally sent by the Michigan Genealogical Council. I am quoting it without comment, you all know my opinion. Please contact the senators listed below, and your own Senators today: Senator Cameron Brown has introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 18, which if passed by a 2/3 majority in the State …

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Aug 06

Hands Around the Library

I was honored to be among the crowd of concerned historians, genealogists and just plain Michigan citizens who attended the Michigan Genealogical Council sponsored “Hands Around the Library” yesterday. Our car included three members of the Oakland County Genealogical Society and two members of Geneabloggers, but there were four of us. I was the one …

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May 07

Library of Michigan Budget

The Michigan Genealogical Council (MGC) is once again appealing to genealogists to contact their legislators with regard to budget cuts affecting the Library of Michigan, and other libraries in Michigan. An executive order issued and filed with the Michigan Secretary of State on May 5, 2009 lists budget cuts to all Michigan departments. You can …

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Mar 10

Budget Cuts at the Library of Michigan — How Damaging?

The Michigan State Senate Appropriations committee will meet Thursday, March 12, 2009. The agenda calls for discussions regarding budget appropriations for the Department of History Arts and Libraries, which is apparently will be dissolved and the functions split among other departments. A current, partly substantiated, rumor has the Library of Michigan being closed completely, with …

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