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Aug 29

SNGF – Ancestors I Have Met

…you in a blog post, or in comments to this post, or in comments on Facebook. This will be a very short list for me, perhaps that is part of the reason I spend much time searching for information on my family. Marjorie Helen (Herrington), 1926-2007, my mother. I knew her from my birth till her death, just over 55 years. She was born in Troy, New York and lived in a variety of places across the US. Her last home was in Rochester Hills, Michigan….

Aug 08

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Your 16 Great-Grands

…n GERMAN William Kaiser, born 30 June 1862 Ontario, Canada; died 3 December 1940 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan GERMAN Jane Johnston b 1867, Huron, Ontario, Canada; died 29 January 1888 Cadillac, Wexford, Michigan SCOTCH Martin L. Herrington born May 1853 New York; died 7 January 1926 Argyle, Washington, New York, SCOTCH Catherine H. “Kate” Knapp, born 1863 New York; died 23 December 1936, Troy, Rensselaer, New York ENGLISH Orlando William…

Feb 23

So Here I Am

…n of the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne Indiana. Helen is not here. Well, she probably is, but I didn’t find her. I also didn’t find a couple of other people I’m looking for. John Fenton and Martin Herrington. I went through about 15 microfilms, looking for even a little bit on any of them and found very little. I guess I won’t have to look in those places again. John is one of Papa’s maternal…