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Mar 20

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 97 page 114

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…bsp; Date: 31 December 1919 Liber: 97 Page: 114 Location: Wexford County, MI Grantor: Harmon Longstreet & Susie Longstreet his wife of Colfax, Wexford, MI Grantee: Charlie Tinker & Belle Tinker of the same place Witnesses: Stephen Dassance, Ross Fenton Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 5 Feb 1920 Clerk/registrar: Slack Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $225.00 Notes: Ross Fenton was Susie’s son, and…

Mar 10

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 63 page 22

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…  Date: 21 March 1907 Liber: 63 Page: 22 Location: Wexford County, Michigan Grantor: Harry Taylor & Olive Taylor, his wife of Cedar Creek, Wexford, MI Grantee: Mrs. Bell Fellows, widow, of Liberty, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Lillian Kotts, Isaac Cw. Culer Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 6 April 1907 Clerk/registrar: Elon A Losie Location of land: Cedar Creek Twp, Wexford Co., MI Consideration: $1,100 Notes: Description:…

Mar 25

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 139 page 479

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…ord County, Michigan. Date: 16 January 1947 Liber: 139 Page: 479 Location: Wexford Co., MI Grantor: Mrs. Belle Tinker, widow of Colfax, Wexford, MI Grantee: Frank Fellows and Lila Fellows his wife of Colfax, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Gerald Bostick, William Paulson Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 21 January 1947 Clerk/registrar: Thomas Brown Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $1 Notes: Description: E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the…

Feb 15

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 6

I just had to get in on this week’s “Better Genealogy” challenge: Play with Google Maps. This is a helpful tool for determining the locations of addresses in your family history. This post is also written to fulfill Item 4A and item 5F in the GeneaBlogger’s Winter Games. After her father, David H. Herrington died in 1931, my Mom lived with a variety of adult caretakers. One was Mable Dickenson, and Mom told me a few…

Mar 06

Fearless Females: Blogging Prompt for March 6

…lucky enough to have some nice items I inherited from my female ancestors, but today I am describing one that I do not have, and sure wish I did. I remember a little mesh purse, with a little chain for a handle. It was a brass color, and it resided in my mother’s jewelry box. The chain that served as a handle could be put through a larger chain and worn around the neck. The cute little purse was just large enough to hold a dime, and Mom…

Sep 03

I Did It! (Almost)

Remember the box, and the resolution to enter all the data into my genealogy database? On June 6th, I checked how I was doing, and found that I had fallen miserably short on the data entry end of things. When I assessed my progress on August 2th, I was feeling a little better about the progress I had made. Today, my pile looks like this: Right, it is GONE. Sorry to yell, but this is a big deal to me. I finished entering all the data from my…

Aug 06

Hands Around the Library

…is coverage on the Lansing State Journal website. The used to be red-headed granny in the bottom photo is me; I have no idea how that happened. My new buddy, TK Sand also posted some photos, and will be blogging about this issue today. If you are a Facebook member, several genealogists have also posted photos, including Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens and Roger Moffat. MGC had a good line-up of speakers, and two State representatives who were not on…

Apr 03

Helen is Found!

…of days ago, I noticed that a check I’d written to the Social Security Administration for the original application of one Helen Potwine, born August 28, 1891 and died in September, 1966. This was the only Helen on the SSDI at that matched the birthday of my grandmother, Helen L. Palmer, and appeared to have connections to New York and Vermont where she lived. I had also found a burial for Helen Potwine with her husband Roy, a…

Apr 02

Funeral Card Friday, Charles E. Tinker

…8217;s card is from the funeral of Charles E. Tinker. Charlie or sometimes, Charley, Tinker was the second husband of Belle Lamunion; she was one of Papa’s great-grandmothers. The grandchildren, at least all that I ever met, called the couple, “Grandma and Charlie”. The actual cemetery where Charlie is buried is Hillside, it is just south-east of Grant….

Feb 18

Funeral Card Friday – Frank Fellows

…le to post daily, as I did for so long. I am sharing funeral cards on Friday, following a Facebook meme which you an see here. Frank A. Fellows was born in Grant, Newaygo County, Michigan, according to his birth record. He passed away at Mercy Hospital, Cadillac, Michigan as the result of a car-train accident. Uncle Frank was Papa’s great-uncle; the youngest sibling in the family of Belle Lamunion and Henry H. Fellows, and the only son to…

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