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Apr 27

Tuesday’s Tools – Saving an Image from Seeking Michigan

There are a host of professional genealogists who offer tips, shortcuts and tricks to make life easier for the rest of us. Along the way, each of us picks up tidbits of knowledge which help us survive, or at least become our own standard way of accomplishing tasks. Once in a while, when I feel like it, in very irregular fashion, but almost always on Tuesday, I will tell you how I do something related to my genealogy. If this little effort helps

Apr 29

Treasure Chest Thursday – Dad’s Shoe Shine Kit

This entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities

…entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities The other day I got side tracked from a little job making a couple of pairs of PJ pants for GD1, and cleaned off the shelves in the back storage room. In the process I also sorted patterns, but that is another story. A few things surfaced, which I photographed for Treasure Chest posts. I remember this shoe shine kit well. I have no idea how I ended up with it, but it contains enough…

Aug 08

Moving Right Along

…I can remember, Keep Your Eyes On The Prize. Interesting, unsourced info on WikipediA on that. To end this little evaluation, here is the song that that saying is based on. This a super cool version from The Nashville Bluegrass Band. That is Mike Compton singing and playing mandolin. I had to look twice, usually he is wearing a T-shirt and bib overalls. I love this video, for the song, the excellent job done on it, and for the camera shots of…

Nov 14

Only In (Genealogy) Oz

…e who devote substantial time and energy to genealogy were in a car, headed for the Library of Michigan. One of these people actually earns a living in genealogy, one devotes hours and hours to the cause as a volunteer. I guess the rest of us are researchers of sorts, but all have devoted or are devoting some time and energy to societies and causes related to genealogy. Now D1 has always called my genealogy society “The Retired Librarians

Mar 21

Cat boxes

Unpleasant subject–well in this case, funny. If you own cats, you will eventually have a litter box. In the good old days, we lived in a rural environment and it was safe to let our cats outside. Here in the suburbs, we won’t let any of our cats out. Traffic is only one reason. One of the best features of cats is the fact that the pretty much come trained. Cats always go to the same place, at least mine always have. You put the box out,…

Sep 13

Catharine Warren’s ( ca1891 – 1877) Will

…cuting of this will be fully paid. Second, I will bequeath and devise all the rest and residue of my estate, real and personal and mixed, whatever the same may be found or situated to my niece Catharine Warren her heirs and assigns. Finally, I hereby constitute and appoint my said niece Catharine the executor of this my last will and hereby revoking all former wills by me made. Witness by hand and seal this 24 day of March A.D. 1872. /S/…

Sep 05

Let’s get started….

…d I’d make them and mail them next week. Our granddaughters were here for 4 nights last week; we took them to their new home on Sunday. On night three, granddaughter One had a hard time. She is especially sensitive and she missed her daddy and mommy. She cried for quite a while, no matter that it was only one more night, and so on. Finally I did what I’ve always done when faced with a crying child. I just held her, rocked her, and told her I…

Dec 15

Granny’s Family Christmas

…In case you didn’t guess, the granddaughters are here, and I couldn’t blog much, even if I wanted to. But they are too much fun. It’s 40 degrees here, very unusual. We’re making pie and rolls and then we’ll make the dressing for tomorrow’s turkey. The presents under my tree and killing them, they want to open them NOW. Tomorrow will have to do. See you all on Monday!…

Feb 16

Sista’s favorite band!

…A test to see if this works:…

Jan 16

What’s wrong with the theme

…It’s a contest. I’ll say nice things about the person who can tell me how to fix the screwed up post display. If something isn’t screwed up, I already figured it out!…

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