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Apr 29

Treasure Chest Thursday – Dad’s Shoe Shine Kit

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…entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Treasures and Curiosities The other day I got side tracked from a little job making a couple of pairs of PJ pants for GD1, and cleaned off the shelves in the back storage room. In the process I also sorted patterns, but that is another story. A few things surfaced, which I photographed for Treasure Chest posts. I remember this shoe shine kit well. I have no idea how I ended up with it, but it contains enough…

Papa’s Ahnentafel

…er County, Pennsylvania; died 10 Jan 1962 in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan. 5. Susan Amelia Foreman: born 21 Nov 1884 in Harmony, Butler County, Pennsylvania; died 24 May 1955 in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan. 6. Ross Pressley Fenton: born 15 Mar 1884 in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan; married 11 Sep 1909 in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan; died 15 Feb 1957 in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan. 7. Edna Rose Fellows: born…

Aug 08

Moving Right Along

…I can remember, Keep Your Eyes On The Prize. Interesting, unsourced info on WikipediA on that. To end this little evaluation, here is the song that that saying is based on. This a super cool version from The Nashville Bluegrass Band. That is Mike Compton singing and playing mandolin. I had to look twice, usually he is wearing a T-shirt and bib overalls. I love this video, for the song, the excellent job done on it, and for the camera shots of…

Sep 30

St. Patrick’s Cemetery

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This entry is part 55 of 60 in the series Cemeteries St Patrick’s is near Kinkora, in Perth County, Ontario Canada. The mist was just lifting on the morning I visited this cemetery, on a beautiful spring day. Side “A” of the stone: John N. Long died Nov 7 1895 aged 27 years Cecilia Long died May 23 1896 aged 24 years born in Huron County Side “B”: In Memory of Lucy Riley wife of Bernard Long died April 29 1903 aged…

Mar 22

Saturday Night Fun – My Paternal Grandmother’s Patrilineal Line, on Sunday Morning

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has tossed out the following challenge for his weekly Saturday Night Fun: Provide a list of your paternal grandmother’s patrilineal line. Answer these questions: * What was your father’s mother’s maiden name? * What was your father’s mother’s father’s name? * What is your father’s mother’s father’s patrilineal line? That is, his father’s father’s

About Granny’s Genealogy

…d in my Grandmother’s home. My Dad referred to it as the “Kaiser” bible. My paternal grandmother’s name was Winnie Alice Kaiser, and I remember a little about her and my visits to her home until she passed away when I was 6 years old. Sorry to say, I have no idea what happened to to the Bible, or where it might be. In an effort to learn more about myself and my family, I am researching my way through local records, near…

Sep 13

Catharine Warren’s ( ca1891 – 1877) Will

…cuting of this will be fully paid. Second, I will bequeath and devise all the rest and residue of my estate, real and personal and mixed, whatever the same may be found or situated to my niece Catharine Warren her heirs and assigns. Finally, I hereby constitute and appoint my said niece Catharine the executor of this my last will and hereby revoking all former wills by me made. Witness by hand and seal this 24 day of March A.D. 1872. /S/…

Sep 24

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know Granny’s Genealogy

…read quite a few, and I sure like the idea, and the results! About me, I’m Pam. I am a person you might dread, a complex mix of radically different thoughts and ideas: a paradox in a tee shirt. I write because it is possible to do so, and because I enjoy it. I research the genealogy of our family, so history can speak to me and others, teaching us it’s unique lessons. I hope to meet and correspond with other researchers of the same…

Oct 15

What’s Your Favorite Genealogy Society?

After reading several excellent submissions for the 82nd Carnival of Genealogy, I am making it my business to contribute, just before the cutoff! This carnival asks bloggers to submit thoughts about their favorite genealogy society, along with comments about why the do or do not participate in a society. I am currently a member of three genealogical societies, and one historical society. They are the National Genealogical Society, the Wexford…

Feb 23

GeneaGlogger’s 2010 Winter Games, Task 4B

…217;s view, but I tried this anyway. To illustrate, I added a date of birth for every indirect source I had. I also added his children’s births, which don’t show up on an individual’s detail screen. A weakness that I noted was that day, month and year were required. To be honest, the farther in my research I travel, the less sure I am of dates. Since many dates are hard to pin find myself using “about” or…

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