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Dec 04

It’s Clear and Cold – See the Stars

…is garbage day at Granny’s. It used to be Monday, but improvements were made in the route, or something. I really don’t remember the whole explanation. Anyway, they start collections at 7, and they mean it. D1 missed the recycling truck one day by not being up early enough. All this means that on Tuesday morning, when Papa steps into the shower, I’m out there putting the trash and recycling at the road. This morning at 5:45…

Apr 06

What’s your answer

…If your work area looked like this, what would you do? What I did was go outside and work on the yard. We finally had a nice weather day. The ditches by the road got raked, the weed and feed got spread. And I was rewarded with this:…

May 11

Happy Mother’s Day

…This year, I’m without my Mom for the first time in my life. Harder than I thought it would be. So, here’s my favorite photo of her. hotel furnishing in Bulgaria…

Mar 31

The Fellows Family Land Records, Newaygo County, Michigan

This entry is part 70 of 99 in the series Deeds in the Family

…n of their lives in Wexford County, Michigan, but had previously lived in other locations. In genealogical research, the best practice is to search from what is know to what is unknown, from the present into the past in successive steps. If this method is not used, it is possible to spend many years researching the wrong ancestor; I have heard painful accounts of researchers who inadvertently jumped to conclusions which lead them down the wrong…

Jan 08

Hillside Cemetery, Grant Township, Newaygo County, Michigan

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…t, MI. Take 128th east from US 31 about 2 miles. The cemetery is on the south (right) side of 128th. The Fellows family graves are listed in order they are placed, from north to south. Two babies. One is probably Claud Fellows, son of Belle and Henry, 1890-1890. The other is probably Erastus Fellows, born and died 20 December 1886. The cemetery transcription isn’t clear. Peter Fellows, 1886-1891, was another child of Belle Lamunion and…

Mar 24

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 139 page 509

This entry is part 66 of 99 in the series Deeds in the Family

…e: 7 May 1945 Liber: 139 Page: 509 Location: Wexford Co., MI Grantor: Charles E. Tinker AKA Charles Tinker and Belle Tinker his wife Grantee: Earl T. Colbert & Marie Colbert husband & wife of Manton, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Jno A. Muche, Harriet Muche Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 29 June 1947 Clerk/registrar: Brown Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $800.00 Notes: Belle signed with an X, although she has signed…

Jun 04

Genealogical Breakthrough

…n. I previously wrote about Belle and her amazing box of correspondence and momentos. For some reason, I then substituted “Wexford” for “Newaygo” in the place box of the search form. Holy Cow! I was missing information on Bertha, one of the 6 children of Henry and Belle who survived to adulthood. Well, I don’t really have anything for her, other than a picture of her with the family, holding a small child on her…

Dec 30

2009 Resolutions, Progress?

…all the information from the BOX into my database. No exceptions, no cheating. 2. I will file all the paperwork in the proper place, not in piles on the floor, desk, or in any convenient box. Results: I believe I made three assessments of my progress on August 8, on September 3, and on and October 20th. For this final look back at 2009, I can report that all the data in the box/pile was entered, and all the original paperwork was filed. That big…

Mar 02


…ndow at a whole world of things to do, many of which are actually pretty fun. I really do think spring is on the way, since I have a horrible sinus headache and it won’t go away. It’s heading pads, hot warm compresses, antihistamines, and misery for now. Not my favorite thing. GD2 is visiting at the end of this week! I hope we’ll be able to make the zoo, it is supposed to warm up. Also thinking of the children’s museum in…

Apr 24

Fellows Family Land Records,Newaygo County, Michigan Liber 29 page 363

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…Newaygo County, Michigan. Date: 6 Oct 1905 Liber: 59 Page: 363 Location: Wexford Co., MI Grantor: Belle Fellows of Manton, Wexford County MI surviving joint tenant of Henry H. and Belle Fellows. Grantee: Samuel D. Clay Witnesses: Frank E. Angeline, Josephine Paquette Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 7 Oct 1905 Clerk/registrar: Phillips Location of land: Denver township and village, Newaygo Co., MI Consideration: $300 and other…

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