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Mar 10

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 63 page 22

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…  Date: 21 March 1907 Liber: 63 Page: 22 Location: Wexford County, Michigan Grantor: Harry Taylor & Olive Taylor, his wife of Cedar Creek, Wexford, MI Grantee: Mrs. Bell Fellows, widow, of Liberty, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Lillian Kotts, Isaac Cw. Culer Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 6 April 1907 Clerk/registrar: Elon A Losie Location of land: Cedar Creek Twp, Wexford Co., MI Consideration: $1,100 Notes: Description:…

Mar 25

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 139 page 479

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…ord County, Michigan. Date: 16 January 1947 Liber: 139 Page: 479 Location: Wexford Co., MI Grantor: Mrs. Belle Tinker, widow of Colfax, Wexford, MI Grantee: Frank Fellows and Lila Fellows his wife of Colfax, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Gerald Bostick, William Paulson Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 21 January 1947 Clerk/registrar: Thomas Brown Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $1 Notes: Description: E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of the…

Mar 23

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 139 page 507

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…sided in Wexford County, Michigan.   Date: 7 May 1945 Liber: 139 Page: 507 Location: Wexford Co., MI Grantor: Charles Tinker & Belle Tinker his wife Grantee: Earl T. Colbert & Marie Colbert Husband and Wife Witnesses: Jno A. Muche, Harriet Muche Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 24 Jan 1947 Clerk/registrar: Brown Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $1,000 Notes: Belle signed with an X, although She could write…

Apr 23

Funeral Card Friday — Edna Rose Fellows

…#8220;First Fridays, but I have quite a few, and I like to move ahead when I hear a good idea. Today’s card is from the service of Papa’s grandmother, Edna Rose Fellows. You can click to enlarge the card. Edna Rose Fellows was born on 2 December 1892 in Newaygo County, Michigan. Her parents were Henry H. Fellows and wife Belle Lamunion. Edna was the seventh child of Henry and Belle. Edna married Ross P. Fenton on 11 Sept 1909, and…

Jan 31

Oakland County Genealogical Society Meeting Tuesday!

…ed over ten years ago, and that continues today. Among our membership are numerous volunteers at the Family History Center, several members of the Genealogical Speakers Guild, librarians, and other genealogical research professionals. Add to that the many years research experience logged by our members, and it is an impressive array of talent. There are members, new and old, who often answer questions with regard to research problems, and give…

Oct 14

Family Tree Magazine’s 40 Best Genealogy Blogs

…hold, we get a little tired of those who know everything, and want to share it with everyone. It is no wonder I started writing about my genealogical research, the household residents have heard it all, and they are not impressed. My oldest daughter has asked (more than once), “So, do we have any relatives who are living?” I do spend too much time moaning about missing people, and their missing events, facts, residences, births,…

Mar 19

The Wall

I hit a wall on Tuesday, and absolutely collapsed. Well, I almost absolutely collapsed. I put two coats of paint on the stairs, while the paint dried, I wrote some posts for my Belle’s Box series over on Granny’s Genealogy. Then, it was outside to paint the new trim, which will go in the living room once the floor is installed. It was too windy, but I didn’t quit, I just painted and then put the trim back into the garage. D3…

Feb 18

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games Task 2 In Five Parts

…d copies and photos in waterproof containers: I have no plan to store my data in waterproof containers, since I have digital copies of every page, and a total of 3 backup copies of all digital copies. The volume makes it impossible to even dream of waterproof storage. My limited number of ancestral photographs and keepsakes are stored at home in a fire-proof safe. Digital copies and or photographs reside on my computer. I have not investigated…

Jan 07

Memories From the Visit

…children’s reactions also told a lot about their personalities. GS3 said, “my mother looked different then.” GD2 said, “There’s my Daddy, I love my Daddy!” GD1, our 4 ½ year old diva said, “Does my mother still have that dress?” I replied that it was stored in a box in my attic. Then she said, “Where are the steps to your attic?” I had to explain that we weren’t taking the dress out of the box. Then I did tell her that if someday, she was…

Dec 08

What Planet are you from?

…emselves from location to location. Of interest this year is the trend of groups of boxes of dollar items sitting on the floor or ground in narrow rows. The items are the same in Florida, Ohio, and where we found today, Tennessee. The most interesting think is that we’ve been to enough of these establishments to find the similarities. Talk about being cost driven – we must be. I need to tell about one unique experience at a flea market, which…

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