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May 29

Nature’s Wonders

We traveled “up north” over the holiday. Driving from one country cemetery to another, on an old two-track we saw a flash as a deer jumped off the road in front of us. Just ahead, in the road lay an new fawn. Papa came to a stop as the fawn struggled to it’s feet and headed for the woods. Papa grabbed the camera and got a few shots of the little fellow before me moved on. Every wonder what “deer in the headlights”…

Sep 30

St. Patrick’s Cemetery

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This entry is part 55 of 60 in the series Cemeteries St Patrick’s is near Kinkora, in Perth County, Ontario Canada. The mist was just lifting on the morning I visited this cemetery, on a beautiful spring day. Side “A” of the stone: John N. Long died Nov 7 1895 aged 27 years Cecilia Long died May 23 1896 aged 24 years born in Huron County Side “B”: In Memory of Lucy Riley wife of Bernard Long died April 29 1903 aged…

Oct 15

What’s Your Favorite Genealogy Society?

After reading several excellent submissions for the 82nd Carnival of Genealogy, I am making it my business to contribute, just before the cutoff! This carnival asks bloggers to submit thoughts about their favorite genealogy society, along with comments about why the do or do not participate in a society. I am currently a member of three genealogical societies, and one historical society. They are the National Genealogical Society, the Wexford…

Oct 22

Jane Johnston’s Locket

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…on married William Harbottle on 20 April 1881; and she died on 31 October 1881. The Johnston family burials are detailed in this post. James and Jane were in Cadillac by 1884, when he is listed in a directory; and was a witness to Jane’s 10 October 1884 marriage to William Kaiser which occurred in Wexford County, Michigan. In the early 1980’s I had the locket appraised by an antique dealer. The value is negligible, however, the…

Sep 24

Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know Granny’s Genealogy

…read quite a few, and I sure like the idea, and the results! About me, I’m Pam. I am a person you might dread, a complex mix of radically different thoughts and ideas: a paradox in a tee shirt. I write because it is possible to do so, and because I enjoy it. I research the genealogy of our family, so history can speak to me and others, teaching us it’s unique lessons. I hope to meet and correspond with other researchers of the same…

Jan 16

Sally’s Pillows

…age location for the sewing supplies, materials and patterns, I love to sew, and I do so often. However, I’m not crafty, not at all. Sally made pillows, and her needlepoint tops, with Christmas or winter themes, were missing from the “craft” items. D2 kept them herself, and recently sent me eight which need to be completed. I want GS3, GD1 and GD2 to be here to help on them, so we can talk about Grammie, and missing her, and…

Jul 26

Papa’s Not Sharing

…e table, closer to him than anyone. Papa is well know for feeding children. We have pictures of all our children and grandchildren on Papa’s lap, eating his food, while he happily shovels away. Five in minutes into the dinner, granddaughter Two, who is two years old, looked up and said loudly, “Papa isn’t sharing the peas!” She got all the peas she wanted….

Dec 03

Here’s to Summer

…These are garden photos I haven’t had time to post. They are from July 22. Another view of the back yard from a ladder. Rhubarb in the foreground, tomatoes behind. On the right of the Rhubarb are some raspberries. From a distance. Left climbing the fence, cucumbers, then green beans, lettuce, carrots, beets, then the tomato forest. Behind the lettuce, you can see the zuchini rearing it’s ugly head. That’s enough for today….

Jan 30

Today’s the Day

…become big ones, and head off on their own. D1 heard yesterday that GS1’s ship is deployed, and he will be at sea five months or so. That will cut down on communication with him, but he does have a military e-mail address. I guess we’ll make some goodies to mail over. I sent care packages to Papa when he was in the army, that hasn’t changed. GS1 is our oldest grandchild and he will turn 21, somewhere at sea or in Japan at his

Oct 24

Finally, Papa’s Pictures Posted

…last weekend during Bobby’s two Detroit area appearances. My favorite is this one:   It happened to be taken at the Eagles, rather than OCC. The band has settled into a line-up which includes Bobby, Bobby Jr. on bass, Richard Bennett on guitar, Dana Cupp on banjo, and Tim Graves on Dobro. Bobby did the entire first set without any talking, playing the entire 45 of so minutes. BOJ is singing more these days, and the improvement is

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