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Jan 30

Mary Ann Lamunion

…ribe, and I am holding off on a group that will take some heavy duty transcription. Anyway, it does look good to see my tally list down to 837, meaning I have completed 582. What does that have to do with Mary Ann Lamunion? I ran across her in the pile. Mary Ann was the second of eight known children of Rescum Lamunion/Lamunyon and his wife Miranda Jones, an older sister of Papa’s great-grandmother, Belle Lamunion. Mary Ann and John Henry M…

Feb 01

More on the Murrays

…f names being changed, or people using a different variation of their name on every record we find. I have found several cases of men who have reversed the order of their middle and first names on different records. As I moved on in the Murray family, the next document I had to enter was the birth record for Ina Belle Murray, shown below (click to enlarge). Surprise, surprise. She was listed as Belle I. on the 1880 census, and she also filed an…

Sep 15

Meauwataka Cemetery, Meauwataka Michigan

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…his father, Alfred Thurston Fenton was Papa’s granduncle. French Charles E. and wife Ellen Davis French A son of Charles and Ellen married a Lamunion cousin of Papa’s, a first cousin twice removed, to be exact. Charles E., Jr Scott E., son of Charles E. “Jumbo” French and Maude Belle Lamunion, Papa’s second cousin, once removed. Ida French Bib, daughter of of Charles E. “Jumbo” French and Maude Belle Lam…

Feb 12

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 54 Page 359

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…I Consideration: $256 Notes: have no record of this purchase, need to research Description: W 1/2 of NE1/4 Sec 15 T23N R11W It is too bad that I didn’t go through these records sooner after I abstracted them. The first record I have in Wexford County for Henry and Belle Fellows is a sale, not a purchase. I am going to have a long list of goals when I can visit the Wexford Court house again. What I noticed when I located this land in…

Feb 18

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words, Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games Task 2 In Five Parts

Task A, security plan for hard copies and photos: All my collected data relating to my research is scanned, and available in digital format on my “main” computer. My scanned data is in notebooks on shelves, and is not in water proof containers. My irreplaceable original hard copies are stored in our safety deposit box at our credit union. Those are limited to records of a family estate and a hand-written genealogy handed down from…

Jan 16

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Remember When?

…w it is hard to imagine in this day and age, but that is the truth. My mother was a strong, independent person, so she followed the logic I remember so well, and headed off to a new town and a chance for higher education at the University there. The move was sixty-five miles, and Mom did it herself, using a U-haul and we children helped load and unload. I was 11, one brother 10, and our youngest brother was 5. We moved beds, dressers, and box

Oct 20

Progress and Pain

Back on December 28, 2008 I made some resolutions, on which I will report progress today in this post. This is not a 30 day or quarterly report, I am writing it because I don’t know what else to write today, and this may help me decide what to write tomorrow. No more foot dragging, here are my resolutions for genealogical research: Enter all the information from the BOX into my database. No exceptions, no cheating. I will file all the pa…

Dec 28

New Year’s Resolutions!

…No more foot dragging, here are my resolutions for genealogical research: 1. Enter all the information from the BOX into my database. No exceptions, no cheating. 2. I will file all the paperwork in the proper place, not in piles on the floor, desk, or in any convenient box. And for my blogs: 1. I will post on either GrannyPam or Granny’s Genealogy every day. 2. I will finish posting all the data from my “old” genealogy site…

Apr 09

Seeking Michigan Death Records


…  I went to the website at I just typed the last name, “Yearnd” into the box on the front page, and clicked the box for “Document”, and the search icon. (This article is not about creative searching!) What luck, there she was: When I clicked on the image, I saw several choices: I was able to enlarge the image, and look at all the sections, a larger preview.  I clicked print, and the resulting…

Mar 22

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 128 page 451

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…June 1936 Clerk/registrar: Johnson Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $75.00 Notes: Description: Start 12 rods east of the corner of the NW 1/4 of the NW 1/4 of Section 9, T23N R10W, then east 24 rods, south 10 rods, west 24 rods, then north 10 rods to the start. On this deed, Charlie and Belle sold a lot of about 1.5 acres to Clayton L. Babcock. I used the Colfax map from the 1914 atlas1 to show the position of the lot descrie…

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