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Feb 27

Doin’ Anything?

…way through the entire collection. Yesterday, I cleaned the house, it needed it. I also looked through the garage, but didn’t clean. I found a box of fly tying “stuff”, that needs to be taken to S-Dad. I guess it got shuffeled here in the move and never made it home. I need to clean up the front porch, and sort the toys. There are some to pack up for GS1 and GS2, which were gifts to or possessions of theirs over the years. I…

Mar 20

Funny, Funny Friday

…a big shelf and his night stand out of the bedroom. He moved the TV, cable box and VCR last night. Yesterday I took all the books and notebooks and put them in boxes on the front porch. I put the stuff from the top of my dresser in the back room. Remaining in the bedroom are the bottom of a shelf, 2 chests of drawers and the bed frame. The bed frame needs work, I’ll get new bolts today. If you open the closet, everything falls out at you….

Feb 12

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 54 Page 359

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…xford County, Michigan.   Date: 29 October 1903 Liber: 54 Page: 359 Location: Wexford County, MI Grantor: Henry Fellows and Belle Fellows his wife, of Colfax, Wexford, MI Grantee: Elizabeth McCain of the same place Witnesses: Wm Jones, Isaac C. Wheeler Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 30 October 1903 Clerk/registrar: Henry Hanson Location of land: Antioch Twp., Wexford Co., MI Consideration: $256 Notes: have no record of…

Sep 15

Meauwataka Cemetery, Meauwataka Michigan

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This entry is part 40 of 60 in the series Cemeteries The cemetery is just west of Meauwataka. These graves are for cousins of Papa, or others with close associations to the family and neighborhood. Each underlined word leads to a photo. Use your browser’s back button after viewing any photo. Fenton Hazel Goff Fenton, (1891-1910), first wife of Alfred T. Fenton Their son Morris (1910-1912) is also buried here, but I didn’t get a good…

Feb 01

More on the Murrays

…ter was the birth record for Ina Belle Murray, shown below (click to enlarge). Surprise, surprise. She was listed as Belle I. on the 1880 census, and she also filed an affidavit to change her name, on 29 May 1941. Bell is crossed off on the record, and “Ina Belle” written in. John Murray’s name has a middle name of Henry added in, and Mary’s maiden name is added below a crossed off Murray. The Lamunion Bible transcription…

Jan 30

Mary Ann Lamunion

…I am holding off on a group that will take some heavy duty transcription. Anyway, it does look good to see my tally list down to 837, meaning I have completed 582. What does that have to do with Mary Ann Lamunion? I ran across her in the pile. Mary Ann was the second of eight known children of Rescum Lamunion/Lamunyon and his wife Miranda Jones, an older sister of Papa’s great-grandmother, Belle Lamunion. Mary Ann and John Henry Murray…

Nov 03

Save a PDF Using Print

…iter of any kind installed on your computer you can do this with any printable display. These instructions are for a PC, and are specific to the subdivision plat maps, the procedure may differ on other sites, but I have successfully saved deeds, death certificates, obituaries and other images using this method. I have no information on how to use an Apple computer. Check your printers folder to be sure you have a PDF printer. You can see that I…

Mar 10

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 63 page 22

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…  Date: 21 March 1907 Liber: 63 Page: 22 Location: Wexford County, Michigan Grantor: Harry Taylor & Olive Taylor, his wife of Cedar Creek, Wexford, MI Grantee: Mrs. Bell Fellows, widow, of Liberty, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Lillian Kotts, Isaac Cw. Culer Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 6 April 1907 Clerk/registrar: Elon A Losie Location of land: Cedar Creek Twp, Wexford Co., MI Consideration: $1,100 Notes: Description:…

Dec 22

The Scott Lamunion Family

…rs in 1975. You may enlarge this thumbnail by clicking on it. The Lamunions had a family of seven children, according to the same bible transcription: Ray Lester 2 May 1879 – September 1879, Glen Azel b. 24 Feb 1884, Bessie Ann b. 23 May 1885, Olive b 25 July 1887, Maude Belle b. 21 Feb 1889, Jack H. b. 24 March 1891, and Nellie May, b 1894. The older man, second from the left must be Glen, and the younger man with the bow tie on the right…

Mar 22

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 128 page 451

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…sided in Wexford County, Michigan. Date: 16 June 1936 Liber: 128 Page: 451 Location: Wexford County, MI Grantor: Charles Tinker & Belle Tinker his wife of Colfax, Wexford, MI Grantee: I. Fay Horton, C. Howard Horton Witnesses: Warranty Type of deed: 16 June 1936 Rec’d and recording: 6 June 1936 Clerk/registrar: Johnson Location of land: Colfax Consideration: $75.00 Notes: Description: Start 12 rods east of the corner of the NW 1/4 of…