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Jun 21

Belle’s Box — Cast of Characters

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…Ross P. 1884-1957, son of Susie Melissa Burdick and John P. Fenton, married Edna Rose Fellows on 11 September 1909 in Wexford County, Michigan, son-in-law of Belle. Half-sister of Lila Mable Longstreet, and brother-in-law of Frank Fellows. Freund, Frank (Family) Resided Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan and vicinity. Neighbors of Belle. Surnames Schutte, Ekholm, Manly, Schmidt, Swan are also associated with this family. Goff, Hazel…

Dec 23

Belle Fellows and Family

…Bill Burgess would not sit down unless Uncle Hi was in the photo, so there is Hi. Hi was the husband of Eunice Fellows. From the back left:L Laura Fenton (later married Pratt), daughter of Edna Fellows; Grandma (Belle Lamunion Fellows Tinker); standing: George Fenton, son of Edna Fellows; seated: Hiram Smith, husband of Eunice Fellows. Front: Rachel Burgess, daughter of Hazel Fellows; Loren Fellows on Grandma’s lap, son of Frank Fellows;…

Sep 27

Soper Cemetery, Colfax Township, Wexford County Michigan – Fellows

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This entry is part 52 of 60 in the series Cemeteries This is the cemetery we visit most often. I am posting the gravesites for those who are associated with Papa’s family by surname. Fellows Brenda Fellows, Papa’s second cousin Loren and Edith (Watson) Fellows Loren was Papa’s first cousin, once removed, he and Edith were Brenda’s parents, and he was Frank and Lila (Longstreet) Fellow’s son. The Frank Alfred…

Feb 18

Funeral Card Friday – Frank Fellows

It is easy to see that writing is a habit, and I got out of it for a while. I am back, but probably will not be able to post daily, as I did for so long. I am sharing funeral cards on Friday, following a Facebook meme which you an see here. Frank A. Fellows was born in Grant, Newaygo County, Michigan, according to his birth record. He passed away at Mercy Hospital, Cadillac, Michigan as the result of a car-train accident. Uncle Frank was…

Dec 02

Belle’s Box – 74

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…know If they lived at some distance from the neighborhood between these census. I sure wish I could read the city on this one, I’d like to know where Frank went. It would also be nice to know who “we” was. Frank Fellows married the first time in 1914, and again in 1920, both times to Lila Mable Longstreet. Lila was the daughter of Harmon H. Longstreet and Susie Melissa Burdick. Susie Burdick and her first husband, John P….

Mar 25

Fellows Family Land Records, Wexford County, Michigan Liber 139 page 479

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…group pertain to Papa’s Fellows ancestors who resided in Wexford County, Michigan. Date: 16 January 1947 Liber: 139 Page: 479 Location: Wexford Co., MI Grantor: Mrs. Belle Tinker, widow of Colfax, Wexford, MI Grantee: Frank Fellows and Lila Fellows his wife of Colfax, Wexford, MI Witnesses: Gerald Bostick, William Paulson Type of deed: Warranty Rec’d and recording: 21 January 1947 Clerk/registrar: Thomas Brown Location of land:…

Jan 09

Belle’s Box – 104

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…rom Lila Written across the top, upside down: Edna’s Babys are well Belle married Charlie Tinker in July, 1914 and became “Mrs. Tinker”. This card is written by Lila Longstreet, obviously before she married Frank Fellows on April 9, 1914. Ross Fenton and Lila Longstreet were half-siblings. Frank was helping Ross Fenton do some work, perhaps farming or in the woods. Edna and Ross had more than one child (Edna’s babys),…

Jun 20

Belle’s Box

…ear. Years ago when Papa was young and in his teens, the reunions of what was then called the “Fellows” family were an annual event. Stories still circulate about the reunions, and include one about ball games in which uncle Frank Fellows umpired from a lawn chair, glass eye and all. The reunions ended sometime when my children were small and we saw many of the cousins infrequently. Then, a while back a cousin and his wife swept out their pole…

Dec 05

Belle’s Box – 77

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…ed here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here. Daffy down Sillies first flower of spring, Love, happiness and good fortune bring Postmark: Manton, Mich May 2, 1912 2?? Addressee: Mr Frank Fellows Manton Mich Dear Frank If you can come Saturday night because Ross will proble go to the store Sunday and you can go with him. Edna Edna and Frank were siblings, children of Belle. In 1912, when this card was…

Mar 22

Belle’s Box – 2-22

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…will enlarge upon clicking. An EASTER WISH for Mom and Dad You’re very dear all through the year, You do so much in every way, May you know every happiness On Easter Day and every day.   “Frank + Lila” Frank Fellows, Belle’s youngest child, married Lila Longstreet twice, in 1914 and in 1920. This is a pretty modern card, I think it was sent after their son, Loren Wesley Fellows, 1920-1986, married Edith Elaine…