May 11

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, page 15- take 2

There are 3 class photos on page 15. I believe they must have a young Jane in them, since the time looks right, and they are on “her” page. Can you help? Which child in each of these three photographs is Margaret Jane Yearnd? These are thumbnails, you can click each to see the original version.

Class photo thumbnail, Jane's page

Class photo thumbnail, Jane's page

Class photo thumbnail, Jane's page

You would think, as many of our family’s babies I’ve seen, I know right away. But I don’t. I think I see her in one of them, but if you have any idea, let me know.

May 10

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, page 15

Page fifteen contains Aunt Jane photographs. Aunt Jane was Margaret Jane Yearnd. She once told us a story of being sent home with a note from the teacher, early in her first year of school. The teacher said there were too many girls named Margaret in the class, and she would be known as Jane. Interestingly, on the 1910 census, the year of her birth, she is Margaret, and on the 1920 census, she is Jane. It stuck!

Here is Jane:

Margaret Jane Yearnd

Margaret Jane Yearnd

Jane with husband Leo Devereaux

Above, with her husband, Leo Devereaux. And below, with my Dad, James A. Yearnd, Sr.

Jane and James Yearnd

May 07

Genealogy Blogs

Where are they? What are they? Are they useful?

Read a little here on Cyndi’s list.

Here is a small sample:

Read the blogs written by Geneabloggers.

There are tons more, some fun, some more like research diaries, and many informative blogs which describe library holdings, research techniques, or history of a certain area.

Google away and find something you like, or start at some of these places:

My BlogLog genealogy blog search

Genealogy World Webring

There are lots more, but that’s a start. Leave time for research!

May 07

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 14

Pages 6-13 contain photographs of living people, so I’ve kept them private.

Page 14 again shows photos of my Dad, James Austin Yearnd. Dad was named for two uncles James Johnston, 1862-1940, was one of those uncles. James Johnston and Jane (Jennie) Johnston were the only siblings in a family of five known children who survived to adulthood; they migrated to Michigan from Huron County Ontario about 1884.

Austin Kaiser, 1872-1962, was one of two brothers of Sweetie’s father. The William Kaiser, Sr. family also migrated to Michigan from Huron County Ontario probably between 1884 and 1886. In his case, his parents and seven of their ten known children survived to make the trip.

William Kaiser, 1862-1940 and Jennie Johnston, 1867-1888, married in Wexford County, Michigan on 10 October 1884. Sweetie (Winnie Alice Kaiser) was born 9 July 1885. The families had many business and social ties, and James Johnston also married a daughter of William Kaiser, Sr., Elizabeth. James and Elizabeth Johnston helped care for Sweetie after her mother died, and the family maintained close ties.

Here are a sample of the photographs on page 14 of James A. Yearnd, Sr.:

James A Yearnd, Sr.

James A Yearnd, Sr.

James A Yearnd, Sr. and Geroge M.

The child on the left, with the straight hair is Jim. The other is a neighbor and playmate, George M.

James A Yearnd, Sr.

May 05

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 4

The fourth page of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains a collection of photographs of William H. Yearnd, Jr., 1917-1992. They seem to span his life up to the date Sweetie died.

This one is of an infant:

One shows a little boy on the beach, and one the same boy with his bike:

William H. Yearnd, Jr.l

William H. Yearnd, Jr.

The next two are special to me, they show Uncle Bill with my Dad, James A. Yearnd, 1927-1979:

There is one of Uncle Bill with his sister, Aunt Marion:

William H. Yearnd, Jr., Marion A. Yearnd

The rest of the photos Sweetie chose for this page show her son in his army uniform. This one looked the best after I scanned them all:

William H. Yearnd, Jr.

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May 02

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 3

Apr 20

Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

Marion Yearnd elementary class

I looked over this picture and then scanned my genealogy database. I realized that little Marion is wearing roller skates. That hardly seems right for a visit to the Yearnd cousins I was thinking of. Then I remembered Austin William Kaiser 1896-1920, son of William Kaiser and Delia Conway. William Kaiser was Winnie’s father, and Deila, one of two stepmothers. Winnie’s mother, Jane (Jennie) Johnston, died in January 1888, when Winnie was between 2 and 3. William’s subsequent marriage to Delia Conway, 1862-1930, produced two children, Austin, and his older sister, Aunt Bertha. Bertha Kaiser, 1893-1981, is one of the few Kaisers I remember well. I didn’t know the sad story about her brother until much later. He died young, of diabetes, according to his obituary. I do remember she said he was a very good horseman. But wait, I know there were some photos with horses in them. I know the Kaiser’s kept a boarding house, I wonder if they also had horses and chickens? So many questions, so few answers…

Austin was born in 1896, and Marion in 1912. Using my handy-dandy date calculater, he was 15 years, 9 months and 13 days older than Marion. Marion was always small for her age, it’s obvious in all the photos, but roller skating is a skill for after you can walk pretty well and have good balance. If she were 5, Austin would be 20. Could that young man be 20? Maybe. Perhaps the young man in that photo was “Uncle Austin” to little Marion.

Apr 19

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Marion Augusta Yearnd

Marion A. Yearnd, 1912-1969, was the second of my grandmother’s 5 children.
Marion Yearnd

Aunt Marion was a tiny lady, size 2 or something. She lived in Chicago, and worked in various governmental offices. She never married, and visited our house on Thanksgiving often when I was small. She may have come more often, but I was small. I suppose she started visiting us when Grandma died in 1957, and she could no longer stay there. I remember meeting her plane in Reed City, then Grand Rapids. It was very exciting for a small town girl, and Aunt Marion seem quite sophisticated in her big-city style and attitude.

Aunt Jane said Marion was easy to pick out, with her little cheeks. In fact, we pick out a lot of my family by those cheeks. Here is a school picture from that page, not sure what year. The school was in Cadillac, Michigan. They had a school for each ward, but I haven’t researched the school the children would have attended.

Marion Yearnd elementary class

Here is Marion on the porch of Grandmother’s house, 703 East Division, Cadillac, Michigan. This was the second home she and Grandpa lived in. It is also the house my family moved to after Grandma died in 1957. I have many memories of visiting Grandma in that house. She called me “Sweetie” and I called her “Sweetie”. I don’t know if Grandma was a taboo word for some reason, but I never referred to her as Grandma (until now.)

Marion Yearnd

There are a some people I can’t identify in some of these photographs. I believe them to be Yearnd cousins, Aunt Jane mentioned them often. In any event, they often appear near a house I also can’t identify. Here is the first on in that catagory. I know this is Aunt Marion, and I know it’s “the other house” that appears often in the early family pictures.

Marion Yearnd elementary class

One more from that page, one of Aunt Marion and Dad. James Austin Yearnd, 1927-1979, was a bit younger than the other four children. Well, 10 years younger than his closest sibling, and 15 or so years younger than Aunt Marion.

Marion and James Yearnd

You can see how short Marion was, since Dad looks to be a young teen in this one. This photo, and the one of Aunt Marion in the boat were probably taken at the family cottage on Lake Mitchell.

Apr 18

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 1, Margaret Jane Yearnd

The first page of Grandma’s scrapbook is dedicated to her oldest child, Margaret Jane Yearnd. There are 10 photos of Aunt Jane, her husband, Leo Devereaux, and a person who may be her husband’s sister, Catherine. Aunt Jane called her, “sister Kate”. This page seems to contain photos related to a home Leo and Jane owned in Detroit.

Ashton Road House

The house is in the 7 mile and Southfield area, on Ashton Road. Papa and I drove past it a few years ago, and it’s still there, and looks much the same. The main difference is, when the Devereauxs purchased the home, there was open area in the back. Now, this section of Detroit is packed with houses. There was a lot of new building and expansion in Detroit right after WWII when they probably bought this house.
Jane, Leo, cappy and perhaps Leo's sister

Aunt Jane is the lady kneeling, holding the dog.

Jane on porch

Aunt Jane on the porch.

Jane on porch

Uncle Leo on the porch.

Apr 16

Back on Track

I’ve been working more on my hobby, genealogy. For that reason it was interesting to receive a request from someone for some copies of pictures I have. Not of people, but painted by someone. That someone, an uncle of mine by virtue of the fact he married one of my father’s sisters; was a diverse, talented guy. I know this because my Aunt described him that way, she really thought the sun rose and set on him.

I have the pictures on my wall for two reasons, a couple were given to me, and the rest were given to another of my aunts. Confused yet? Figures.

In the process of photographing the paintings, I remember my grandmother’s things, and my resolution to rescan them with my new scanner and have better copies. So I started scanning again. Now, I’m going to start posting them. If you are related, please contact me. I’d love to record your story in my genealogy. I’d also love to share copies of the photographs I have with you.

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