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Belle’s Box — Cast of Characters

You can read about Belle Lamunion, 1864-1848, and her amazing box of family memories here. Belle married Henry H Fellows, 1858-1905 in 1879 in Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan. This series of posts will center around the items that were in the box. If you are related to this family, please contact me.

I’ll update this cast of characters as I post the items from Belle’s box. If I’ve missed someone, let me know .

Abbott, Mary Jane
1836-1911, wife of George Washington Burdick, mother of Susie Melissa, Fink Clement, Mable Genevieve and Gertie (died young).

Bazzett, Paul Ronald
1912-1995.  Husband of Barbara L. Plotts, a grand-niece of Belle.

Behrmann, Alice and John
Residents of Colfax township, Wexford County, Michigan, neighbors of Belle.

Bisard, Franklin
1847-ca 1936. Husband of Elizabeth Lamunion, brother-in-law of Belle. He was the son of Asahel Bisard and Emily Salisbury.

Bisard, Ione
1902-1998.  Ione was the only child of Lewis F. Bisard, a granddaughter of  Elizabeth Lamunion and Franklin Bisard, grand-neice of Belle.

Bisard, Lewis Franklin “Lew”
1874-1940. Son of Elizabeth Lamunion and Franklin Bisard, nephew of Belle.

Burdick, Fink
1860-1928 was a son of George W. Burdick and Mary J. Abbott, a brother of Susie M. Burdick.

Burdick, George Washington
1827-1914, born in New York, arrived in Colfax, Wexford County, Michigan about 1870.  His grandson, Ross P. Fenton married Belle’s daughter, Edna Fellows.

Burdick, Harry LaVille.
1890-1965, was the son of Fink and Cora Hall Burdick; nephew of Susie Burdick. He was a neighbor of Belle and Charlie in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan.  His wife’s name was Vernice.

Burdick, Susie Melissa
1856-1931, Belle’s daughter, Edna, married Susie’s son, Ross P. Fenton.

Burdick, Mable Genevieve
1868-1964, Susie Burdick’s sister, daughter of George W. Burdick and Mary J. Abbott.

Burgess, Alfred A. (Andy)
1889-1972.  Husband of Hazel Fellows, and son-in-law of Belle.

, Rachel Belle
1916-1997, daughter of Hazel Fellows and husband Alfred Burgess, granddaughter of Belle

Carter, Albertio R “Bert”
1878-1963, brother of Andrew Jackson Carter.  Andrew Carter was married to Emily Lamunion, Belle’s sister.

Carter, Andrew Jackson
1854-1942. Husband of Emily Lamunion, Belle’s sister; therefore, he was Belle’s brother-in-law.

Carter, Claude C.
1895-1967, son of Emily Lamunion Carter, nephew of Belle.  He married three times, to Vera McKinley in 1925, to Genevieve Charles in 1932 and to Bessie Caulkins in 1936.

Carter, Ferris Coulton
1897-1975, son of Emily Lamunion Carter, nephew of Belle. Married Goldia Willbrant in 1922.

Carter, Huldah Aurilla
1893-1977, daughter of Emily Lamunion and Andrew J. Carter, Belle’s niece. Claude, Ferris and Laila were her siblings. Huldah married Len C. Terwilliger in 1917, they had no known children.  Huldah was the holder of the Lamunion bible in 1975 when two researchers of the family visited her in Grand Rapids and transcribed some entries on the family pages.

Carter, Laila May
1890-1958, daughter of Emily Lamunion and Andrew J. Carter, she was Belle’s niece. Claude, Ferris and Huldah were her siblings. Lila married Warren Burke Plotts.

Carter, William Wallace
1838-1911, brother of Andrew Jackson Carter, husband of Belle’s sister, Emily Lamunion. He married Hanna Louise Cox.

Cox, Hannah Louise
1845-1900, wife of William Wallace Carter, sister-in-law of Emily Lamunion Carter, Belle’s sister.

Cox, Vernice Marie
1893-1990 married Harry L. Burdick about 1916.

Eichenberger, Walter, Helen and Eugene
Neighbors of the Tinker family according to the 1920 census of Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan.

Fellows, Bertha P. “Bert”
1884-?,  Belle’s oldest known child, She married Charles B. (Bert) Gilbert in 1902 in Manton, Wexford County, Michigan.  Little is known about her beyond that.  Nothing is known of her probable daughter, Berlie Gilbert, who is residing with her father and a step-mother at the time of the 1910 census of Cedar Creek Township, Wexford County, Michigan.

Fellows, Eunice
1891-1954, the sixth child of Henry and Belle. She married, in 1909, Hiram H. Smith, 1875-1952 and they were the parents of two children. Only one survived to adulthood.

Fellows, Edna Rose
1892-1950, the seventh child of Henry and Belle. She married, in Wexford County, Michigan on September 11, 1909, Ross P. Fenton, 1884-1957. They were the parents of six children.

Fellows , Hazel
1894-1967, Belle’s eighth known child, the fifth and last daughter.  She married Alfred A. (Andy) Burgess on 12 July 1914 in Fife Lake, Grand Traverse County, Michigan.

Fellows, Frank Abner
1895-1969, Belle’s ninth and last known child.  He married Lila Mable Longstreet in 1914, and again in 1920.

Fellows, Henry
Henry Fellows, 1858-1905, married on 16 August 1879, in Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan Belle Lamunion. The couple resided on various farms and in logging camps in Newaygo County, Michigan before relocating to Wexford County Michigan. Their move may have been after their youngest son’s birth in 1895.

Fellows, Loren W.
1920-1986, Belle’s grandson, the son of Frank and Lila M. (Longstreet) Fellows. He married Edith Elaine Watson in 1942.

Fellows, Myrtle/Mert/Mirt/Mary
1885- , second of nine know children of Belle Lamunion and Henry Fellows. She married at least twice, to Eugene Featherly/Fetherly in 1901 and to Benjamin Bush in 1909. One known child, Dorothy F. Featherly, 1901-1945.

Fenton, Alfred T.
1887-1981,  a son of John P. Fenton and his wife, Susie M. Burdick.  Married Hazel Christine Goff, after she died, married Hazel Jeanette Tossey.

Fenton, Ethel or Ethol May
1878-1879, infant of John P and Susie Burdick Fenton who died young.

Fenton, Frank Alfred
1915-1994, son of Edna Fellows and husband Ross P. Fenton, Belle’s grandson.

Fenton, George Emerson
1912-2001, son of Edna Fellows and husband Ross P. Fenton, Belle’s grandson.

Fenton, Irving William
1881-1883, child of John P and Susie Burdick Fenton who died young.

Fenton, Laura
1910-1999, daughter of Edna Fellows and husband Ross P. Fenton, Belle’s granddaughter.

Fenton, Morris
1910-1912 . Son of  Alfred T. Fenton and Hazel Christine Goff.

Fenton, Nellie
1873-?,  adopted daughter of John P. Fenton and his wife, Susie M. Burdick.

Fenton, Ross P.
1884-1957, son of Susie Melissa Burdick and John P. Fenton,  married Edna Rose Fellows on 11 September 1909 in Wexford County, Michigan, son-in-law of Belle.  Half-sister of Lila Mable Longstreet, and brother-in-law of Frank Fellows.

Freund, Frank  (Family)
Resided Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan and vicinity.  Neighbors of Belle.  Surnames SchutteEkholm, Manly Schmidt, Swan are also associated with this family.

Goff, Hazel Christine
1881-1910. Wife of Alfred T. Fenton, a sister-in-law of two of Belle’s children, Edna and Frank

Goldsmith, Orlander (Family)
Resided Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan in 1930.  Neighbors of the Belle and Charlie.

Harden, Murta Nye
With her husband, William, and their family, neighbors of Belle and Charlie Tinker according to the 1920 census.

Jones, Family
Family of Miranda Jones, Belle’s mother.  But wait, there are more, I’m discovering new ones all the time.  As of 29 Oct 2008 I have information on a variety of Jones (and I can’t keep up) Ha!:

Ann ?, wife of Robert V. Jones
Benjamin F., proposed brother of Miranda
Clara, daughter of Hezakiah and Harriet
Edwin R., son of Robert V. and Ann
Eliza ?, wife of Benjamin F.
Francis E., child of Benjamin and Eliza
G.W., a sender of several postcards.  Brother of Miranda Jones, addressed Belle as “niece”
Harriett ?, wife of Hezkiah
Hezakiah (Kaih), child of Robert V. and Ann. His wife was Harriett “Hattie” Corkins.
Ida Belle, daughter of Robert V and Ann.  Married someone named Jeffers
Merritt W., son of Benjamin and Eliza
Robert V. Jones, proposed brother of Miranda

Jones, Miranda
1821-about 1872.  Wife of Rescum/Ruscum Lamunion/Lemunyon.  Belle’s mother.  Born in New York and died in Michigan, probably Allegan County.

Jones,, George Perry
1901-1947, son of Mable Genevieve Burdick and Milo Jones.

Lamunion, Benjamin F. “Bige”
1856-1892, brother of Belle, son of Ruscum Lamunion and Miranda Jones.

Lamunion, Bessie Ann
1885-1965, was the daughter of Merritt “Scott” Lamunion and his wife Adelia Widger, and a niece of Belle. She married several times, Claude Hammond in 1903; Elgie Stewart in 1910, and Lyman Morrison some time later.

Lamunion, (Clarisa/Clarey/Clara) Belle,
1864-1948 was born in New York and died in Wexford County Michigan. She was the youngest of eight known children of Rescum/Ruscum/Rascum LeMunyon, 1807-1891, and his wife Marinda Jones, 1821-? She was known as Belle throughout her life. She married twice, to Henry Fellows and to Charlie Tinker.

Lamunion, Elizabeth L.
1846-1930 was born in New York. She was the oldest of eight known children of Rescum/Ruscum/Rascum LeMunyon, 1807-1891, and his wife Marinda Jones, 1821-? Elizabeth married, in 1872, Franklin Bisard. They were the parents of one child, Lewis Franklin Bisard.

Lamunion, Emily Alcinda/Malinda “Em”
1858-1945, Sibling number six of the known children of Rescum/Ruscum/Rascum LeMunyon. She married, perhaps in 1876, Andrew Jackson Carter, 1854-1942. The Carters resided continuously in Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan and were the parents of four known children: Laila May, Huldah Aurilla, Claude C., and Ferris Coulton.

Lamunion, Glen Azel
1884-1940, son of Merritt “Scott” Lamunion and Emma Adelia Widger, nephew of Belle.

Lamunion, Jack H.
1891-1913, son of Merritt “Scott” Lamunion and Emma Adelia Widger, nephew of Belle.

Lamunion, Mary Ann
1850-1899 was born in New York and died in Michigan. She was the second born of eight known children of Rescum/Ruscum/Rascum LeMunyon, 1807-1891, and his wife Marinda Jones, 1821-? Elizabeth married, in 1874, John H. Murray. John and Mary Ann were the parents of 6 known children: Arthur, William H. “Will”, Eliza/Louisa J., Ina Bell/Belle, George B., and Etta May.

Lamunion, Maude Belle
1889-1975, daughter of Merritt “Scott” Lamunion and Emma Adelia Widger, niece of Belle.

Lamunion, Merritt Winfield “Scott”
(1851-1935) Born New York, died in Michigan. Married Emma Adelia Widger about 1876, parents of 7 known children: Ray Lester, Glen Azel, Bessie Ann, Olive Josephine, Maude Belle, Jack H., and Nellie May.

Lamunion, Olive Josephine
(1862-1882) Sibling of Belle, married Wallace Tuffs or Tufts. One daughter Lula May lived only 5 years.

Lamunion, Olive
1887-1973 Daughter of Merritt “Scott” and wife Emma Widger.

Lamunion, or Lemunyon (many other spellings), Ruscum/Rescum
Belle’s father.  Born in New York, perhaps in 1807, probably died in Michigan, August 1891.  Son of Howard Lemunyon and Martha Fish according to unverified sources.  Use this information at your own risk.

Letherby,  Lester F. and Jennie
Resided in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan at the time of the Federal census of 1920 and 1930, neighbors.

Longstreet, Harmon Henry
1848-1931, married the widow of Ross P. Fenton, Susie M. Burdick Fenton,  in 1893.

Longstreet, Lila Mable
1894-1961, daughter of Harmon H. Longstreet and Susie Melissa Burdick, wife of Frank Fellows and daughter-in-law of Belle.

Marquart, Esther M.
1920-1997, married Henry Z. Smith, a grandson of Belle.

Miller, Sadie/Sarah
1882-1914, was the wife of Lewis F. Bisard.  She was the daughter of Charles B. and Ida Miller. The Millers cared for her daughter Ione at least some of the time after she passed away in 1914.

Murray, John H.
(ca 1847-2 April 1922) Husband of Mary Ann Lamunion, a brother-in-law of Belle.

Murray, Louisa J or Eliza
(1876-1960) Daughter of Mary Ann Lamunion and her husband John H. Murray, niece of Belle.

Murray, Ina Bell or Belle
(1878-1964) Daughter of Mary Ann Lamunion and her husband John H. Murray, niece of Belle.

Murray, Etta May
(1883-1964) Daughter of Mary Ann Lamunion and her husband John H. Murray, niece of Belle.

Plotts, Barbara L.
1920-1998.  Daughter of Laila Carter and Warren Plotts, a grand niece of Belle. Her husband was  Paul Ronald Bazzett.

Plotts, Warren Burke
1891-1858.  Husband of Laila M. Carter.

Puff, William
ca 1910-, son of Etta May Murray, grandson of Mary Ann Lamunion, grand nephew of Belle.

Schutte, Family
Neighbors of Belle in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan.

Smith, Henry Zachariah
1918-1986, son of Eunice Fellows and Hiram H. Smith, grandson of Belle. He married Esther M. Marquart, and lived in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan.

Smith, Hiram H.
1875-1952 married Eunice Fellows 20 April 1909. He was the son of Zachariah C. Smith and Harriet Filson of the Fife Lake area.

Stewart, Elgie
ca 1882-1939, second husband of Bessie Ann Lamunion.

Terwilliger, Len C.
1893-1968. Husband of Huldah A. Carter, a nephew of Belle by marriage.

Tossey, Hazel Jeanette
1898-1990. Wife of Alfred T. Fenton, a sister-in-law of two of Belle’s children, Edna and Frank.

Watson, Edith Elaine
1923-1985. Edith married Loren W. Fellows in 1942, she was Belle’s granddaughter-in-law.

Whitney, Ed
A resident of Liberty Township, Wexford County, Michigan in 1920.  Charlie Tinker did some work for him.

Willbrand,Goldia Henrietta,
1902-1955. Wife of Ferris C. Carter.

Jun 21

Belle’s Box – 1

You can read about Belle Lamunion, 1864-1848, was Papa’s great-grandmother. Belle married Henry H Fellows, 1858-1905 in 1879 in Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan.

This series of posts will center around the approximately 405 items in the box which are in my possession. I scanned the items one at at time as they were picked up from the box, in no particular order; and so the scans are not arranged by date or any other method. The posts will be numbered according to the order of the scanned item in my files. It may be that the posts will not appear in number order, especially if extra investigation is needed regarding a given item. So, just to be clear, the cards, clippings, photos and other items that were in the box will be described one at a time, and titled with the file number of the item’s scan.

You can read about the characters whose names appear in the box in Cast of Characters . If you are related to this family, please contact me.

This postcard is a view of beautiful downtown Grant, Michigan.


This was sent to Hazel, 1894-1967 and Frank, 1895-1969 Fellows, the youngest of Belle and Henry Fellows nine children. The senders, Claud, 1895-1967, and Ferris Carter, 1897-1975 were siblings, and the children of Emily Lamunion and her husband Andrew J. Carter. M-in-L always referred to them as Aunt Em Carter and Uncle Andrew Carter.

Lilia, 1890-1958 and Huldah, 1893-1977; were the older siblings in the Carter family. I can’t make out the date of the postmark, but it appears that the older girls were still at home, but either working or attending school. Lilia married in 1918, and Huldah in 1917.


Jun 20

Belle’s Box

My mother-in-law’s grandmother was a tiny woman named Belle Lamunion. She lived from 1864 to 1948: she was born in New York and died in Michigan. She and her first husband Henry H. Fellows were the parents of either eight or nine children, the records aren’t completely clear. The Lamunion family were apparently close, and had a reunion each year. Years ago when Papa was young and in his teens, the reunions of what was then called the “Fellows” family were an annual event. Stories still circulate about the reunions, and include one about ball games in which uncle Frank Fellows umpired from a lawn chair, glass eye and all.

The reunions ended sometime when my children were small and we saw many of the cousins infrequently. Then, a while back a cousin and his wife swept out their pole barn, called and mailed everyone they could find and revived the reunion. At that time, about 14 or 15 years ago, several of M-in-L’s generation either very elderly and ill or had already passed away. The reunion was held periodically for several years, and more of that generation left us.

For the past 3 years, M-in-L has held the reunion at her home. Now, there is an advantage to this. She and one of her brothers are all that remain of the grandchildren of Belle Lamunion and Henry Fellows. Many of the great-grandchildren and still living and either remember grandma, or have grown up hearing stories of “Grandma and Charley”. Charley Tinker was Grandma’s second husband.

In the course of my genealogical research I was able to locate the descendents of a “lost” branch of the descendents of Henry and Belle. This lady and her husband answered our letters, and even started coming to our annual gathering. We have been greatly enriched by meeting this “new” cousin.

In 2005, the year which marked the 100th anniversary of the death of Henry Fellows, an article was printed in the local paper which outlined the unconventional circumstances surrounding his death—which was apparently due to arsenic poisoning. Belle Fellows and one Charles Tinker, who was a hired man for the Fellows family, were charged with the murder. There is no record of any conviction, the case against Tinker was dismissed, and later on the one against Belle was also dismissed.

Oh yes, the box–. When the article was printed, M-in-L sent copies to several cousins, fueling the debate about the death, Henry’s character, and giving us a “real-life” mystery to ponder. One cousin received the article, sat down and read it, and immediately heard a knock on her door. At the door was a boy from the family who had purchased the cousin’s mother’s home after her death. Cousin was given a box, dusty and old, which was found in the attic of the home. Cousin said she had shivers run through her, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Inside were post cards, Christmas cards, birth announcements other written communications to Belle Fellows Tinker from many neighbors and family members.

Cousin brought the contents of the box to the reunion yesterday, in a newer, nicer box. We stood around the box in amazement as we read card after card. There was a birth announcement and a graduation announcement for the “lost cousin I mentioned above. We looked at cards, read them, and handed them to an appropriate descendent of the person who had written them. It was a treasure beyond any genealogist’s dream, and we felt blessed to have received “Belle’s box”.

Cousin gave the remaining contents to me, and I’ve got a new project. We will be scanning each item, storing it in archival sheets, and researching to find descendents of the writers. I’m excited at the prospects of reuniting these treasures with their rightful owners.

You can read about the characters whose names appear in the box in Cast of Characters .  If you are related to this family, please contact me.

Jun 04

Genealogical Breakthrough

I recently exchanged e-mail with a descendant of one of Papa’s dead-end ancestors. That person is a descendant of a sibling of Henry H. Fellows, I’ll call him JB.

I had found little on JB previously. He was named in him mother’s pension claim file after his father died at during the Civil War. He is found in the census’s of 1870 and 1880 in Newaygo county, Michigan. And that was All I HAD.

Yesterday, I sat down to prepare some information to e-mail the JB’s descendant. Of course, first I needed to look through my files and be sure that everything was entered in the data base. Ha. It never is.

Then I went on one of my famous side-trips. Familysearch.org is working diligently on a various projects related to posting genealogical records on the Internet. Several new tools are being tested, with some pilot projects available on the site. I have indexed some records in this project, and will continue to do so as I have time.

Oh, yes, the side trip. I did a quick search and found out that some early Michigan, births, deaths and marriages are now posted in one of the new tools. I quickly downloaded images and entered citations to some records of the family of Henry H. Fellows, b. 1858; and his wife Belle Laumnion. I previously wrote about Belle and her amazing box of correspondence and momentos.

For some reason, I then substituted “Wexford” for “Newaygo” in the place box of the search form. Holy Cow! I was missing information on Bertha, one of the 6 children of Henry and Belle who survived to adulthood. Well, I don’t really have anything for her, other than a picture of her with the family, holding a small child on her lap. There she was, at least there her marriage was.

I spent the rest of the day trying to find out more, with limited results. I know her husband remarried in 1908, and that he and his family appear on the 1910 census with a 5 year old daughter who may be the child in the photo. I also found him on the 1920 census, with a third wife and a 10 year old child. So, all you Gilberts out there, What’s the deal? I want to know more. I want to invite that child’s descendants, if any, to our reunion.

And the descendant of our ancestor, JB? He’s still waiting. Maybe today….

May 27

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook Concluded

The remaining pages in the book are newspaper clippings and other personal items.

Here are the photographs with people I can’t identify. These are from throughout the book.

marion jane helen unknown

From left to right, Marion, Jane and Helen Yearnd. I can’t ID the man in the background, or the girl on the far right.

marion unknown unknown

On the left, Marion Yearnd. I can’t identify the others.



I can’t ID either of thee girls.

unknown girls

Another couple of unknowns. The young lady on the left might be Marion Yearnd.

unknown man

No Idea.

This is the end of my posts on Sweetie’s scrapbook. In case you missed the introduction, Sweetie was my grandmother. Winnie Kaiser was born in 1885 in Cadillac, Michigan, the daughter of William Kaiser and (Jane (Jennie) Johnston. She married William Yearnd, a native of Howell, Michigan, graduate of the University of Michigan and Cadillac attorney on April 8, 1908, in Cadillac. The Yearnds were the parents of 5 children, Jane, Marion, Helen, William and James.

May 25

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook page 21, Take Two

Here are some photographs that have people I can’t identify from page 21. If you know any of these people, please let me know!


unknown man2

unknown man

May 24

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, page 21

Pages 18-20 of sweetie’s scrapbook contain newspaper clippings, programs, invitations and cards, which I have omitted.

The photos on sage 21 are mainly of Winnie and her husband, and a few family photos.

Here is a lady that looks like Aunt Jane Yearnd with Grandpa Kaiser. Grandpa Kaiser would be William Kaiser, 1862-1940. He was the son of William Kaiser and Elizabeth Long, one of 10 children in that family. The lady might also be one of William Kaiser’s three wives.

jane grandpa Kaiser

This is the entire family, except for my dad Jim. He was 10 years younger than the little boy in the photograph, William. The others are Jane, the tall girl next to Winnie; Marion, in front of Winnie; and Helen, in front of her Father William.

yearnd family

there are several of Grandma and Grandpa:

wm winnie2

wm winnie1


wm yearnd 2

Tomorrow, photographs of people who I can’t identify from this page.

May 23

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 17

Page 17 of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains newer photos, mainly of Winnie and her husband, William; some of their children are included. Two living grandchildren are pictured, I have omitted that photo. First is a baby, I don’t know which baby.


Second, my Dad, James Yearnd, with Richard Domey. Richard Domey was the husband of Helen E. Yearnd. Jim is on the left, Richard on the right. I assume the photo was taken in 1946, as it is marked.

jim richard

Here is one of Jim Yearnd and his parents, Winnie and William in (perhaps) 1944. Dad graduated from Cadillac High School in June, 1945, at the age of 17. This looks like summer, perhaps before his senior year.

jim winnie wm

Here is Winnie, standing by a car and near a garden. This may the a “victory garden” that one a prize in a local contest.


This one must be from a visit made by Richard Domey and Helen Yearnd Domey to her parents. It shows the four in front of the garage of the Yearnd home at 703 East Division, Cadillac, MI. It may have been taken the same day as the one of Jim and Richard which is second on this page.

wm winnie helen richard

Here is William by that same garage door, probably the same day.

wm yearnd1

This one is Aunt Jane and Winnie, her Mom. This is on the back of the house, the steps lead to a screened porch and then to the kitchen. The dress looks like the same one she is wearing in the other photos, but the shoes are different.

winnie jane

May 22

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Page 16

This page of Sweetie’s scrapbook contains a copy of a campaign flyer. My grandfather ran for, and was elected to a circuit court judgeship in 1947. I think the flyer is interesting because of the polite language it uses, the format it takes, and the information given. This scan shows the back cover on the left, and the front cover on the right:


This is a thumbnail, you can enlarge it if you want to see the original size. The back lists Grandfather’s qualifications for the office. The front shows a studio photograph, and emphasizes the election’s importance.

This thumbnail shows the two inside pages of the brochure:


The text of the inside is certainly a tribute to the current judge, makes a case for qualifications of any candidate for the position, and emphasizes that good citizens will make a wise choice, voting with thought and care.

Remember now, it is 1947. Would you vote for this guy?

May 13

Reunion Time

If you can find Henry H. Fellows, and his wife, Belle Lamunion on your family tree, you are invited to the reunion of their descendants. I once wrote about some treasures in Belle’s box. Historically, Belle’s family “got together”, but sometime later the reunion of what was then the Fellows family, was called a Fenton reunion. Two of Henry and Belle’s children married siblings named Fenton.

Henry was born 3 August 1858 in Michigan and died 19 Sept 2005 in Mecosta County, Michigan; Belle was born 15 July 1864 in New York, and died 27 August 1948 in Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan. Belle and Henry lived in Newaygo and Wexford Counties, Michigan. Belle later married Charley Tinkler, Belle’s grandchildren called them, “Grandma and Charley”.

We have some photographs of Belle and her siblings from many years ago. Belle was the baby of eight known children born to Rescum/Ruscum Lamunion/Lemunyon 1807-1891 and his wife Marinda Jones, 1821- ca 1872. The Lamunions were among several Lamunion/Lemunyon families who migrated from New York to Michigan. They settled in Allegan County, Michigan. We know about the following children of Rescum/Ruscum and Miranda:

Elizabeth Lamunion 1846-1930, married Franklin Bisard
Mary Ann Lamunion, 1850-1899, married John H. Murray
Merritt Winfield (Scott) Lamunion, 1851-1635, married Emma Adelia Widger
George W. Lamunion 1852-1932, his death record says he was divorced, but I haven’t found marriage
Benjamin F. (Bige or Bije) Lamunion 1856-1892, married Martha Foss
Emily Lamunion 1858-1945 married Andrew Jackson Carter
Olive Josephine Lamunion, 1862-1882, married Wallace Tufts
C. Belle Lamunion as I listed above.

The information about the reunion is here. Contact me from the link at the bottom of the page if you need more information.

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