Jan 02

Beaver Cemetery, Beaver Pennsylvania

This cemetery is downtown in Beaver, Pennsylvania. It is pleasant, and many people walk or jog through it.

Section D, Lot 15. Owner, Warren, Catharine. Date: May 4, 1878, Deed 117. The deaths of two individuals buried here pre-date the date of the lot card. They may have been moved to this cemetery, or perhaps the lot card was made up after the first burials. The one we viewed was typed, and looked like it was created after the fact from a log book. These burials were made on this lot with no markers, it is unclear if the date is the interment date, or the death date.

Catharine Warren, July 17, 1877 (wife of the elder Isaac Warren)
Ethel Warren Wick, February 6, 1956
Wilmer L. Ward, Jan 24, 1970
Hilda N. Ward (Nee Wick), Oct 7, 1984

Catherine Warren Baker –half sibling of Isaac Warren

Isaac Warren ca 1791 – 1870. This uncle of Catharine (Warren) Baker and Isaac Warren raised the children from a young age. According to the cemetery records, the elder Isaac’s wife Catharine is also buried on the lot, but there is no marker on her grave. The lot card says: “First Soapmaker from Canterbury England – 5th Generation Soapmaker”

There are several babies who were descendants of Catharine Warren Baker also buried on this lot.

Section 4, Lot 93

Isaac Warren and Emily Cowling Warren his wife. These are Papa’s great-grandparents.


Also on this lot with no marker, Mary (Molly) Warren Malone (moved from Grove Cemetery, New Brighton). Mary, a daughter of Emily and Isaac was born about 1865 and died in 1910.

Jan 01

Memorial on the Beach

While Papa and I were exploring yesterday, we came upon a bench on the walkway which was decorated for Christmas.

DSC04938 copy

A closer inspection revealed that the bench was placed in memory of a young man who passed away far too young.

DSC04939 copy

We enjoyed the beautiful decorations, and paused to consider the loss on a family we don’t know.

It is a beautiful memorial.

Jan 01

Ashland Center Cemetery, Ashland Township, Newaygo County, Michigan

This cemetery is directly West of Grant at the corner of 120th Street and Ferris Avenue.

A headstone on the Miller-Bisard lot.

Charles B. Miller

Ida M. Miller

Sarah (Sadie) Miller, wife of Lewis Franklin Bisard

Andrew Carter and wife Emily Lamunion Carter

Ferris Carter and wife Goldia Willbrandt Carter

Dec 31

Lazy Daze

Papa and I have vacationed to the max since we arrived here on Jekyll Island, Georgia on Monday. If you follow the link, you will see the Bluegrass Festival begins tomorrow. We’ll be there, all three days. We’re staying here on the island until Tuesday, continuing our vacation.

We’ve explored the beaches, with long walks each day. Papa picked up a few shells and some sand dollars.

We rode over to the historic district yesterday, and I browsed Jekyll Books at the Old infirmary. Papa looked around, then settled down to wait for me, and visit with Onyx, the bookstore cat. He is very friendly.

papa onyx

Here is a view from the back trail we biked down to reach the historic district.

DSC04933 copy

Wish you were here!

Dec 31

Antioch Township Cemetery, Wexford County Michigan

The cemetery is located northwest of Cadillac, Michigan on M-115 about 12 miles to 19 road. Turn right on 19 road and drive 1.5 miles to the intersection with 16 1/2 road. The cemetery is on the left.

Section A, Lot 30, Owner Milton Frederick

Alice Thelma Ferris (Ferries) Lamunion


Section C, Lot 20, owner Scott Lamunion.

Merritt Winfield Lamunion AKA Scott Lamunion and his wife, Emma A. Widger Lamunion


Jack H. Lamunion (son of Scott and Emma)



Emma I. Ford, wife of Leroy Ferries


Leroy Ferries


Dec 30

The Georgia Aquarium

Sunday, Papa and I visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. I hadn’t realized there was a football game at the Georgia Dome that day, but that didn’t interfere with our visit.  We had paid for our tickets and parking in advance, on-line, a move I always recommend.   This is just a short clip from our visit to the  Aquarium, a little of the Sand Tiger Shark.

We had a wonderful time. If you are near Atlanta, the aquarium is a great place to visit.  Check out their webcams.

Here I am with Deepo, the mascot.  This was taken with my “little” camera, as was the video, not Papa’s fancy one.  Sorry I’m not smiling, I was giving instructions on how the camera works.

Granny and Deepo

Granny and Deepo

Dec 30

Belle’s Box – 102

Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

Love’s Greeting
My heart is light,
My heart is free,
My Sweetheart is bright
She’ll ever love me.


Postmark: Manton, Mich January 8, 1925

Mrs Bell Tinker


Manton Mich
Jan 1925
Dear Mother
Geo is felling fine this
I was so afraid he would
catch cold but he did.
He ate Pancake for
breakfast he said they
tasted good now I think
if he keeps quite he will
be all right

George Emerson Fenton, born in 1912, was the son of Edna Fellows and Ross Fenton, and Belle’s grandson. It’s hard to tell what happened to George in January,1925, but I guess he was out and got a chill. Edna was worried, but apparently he turned out fine.

Dec 29



Any Questions?

Dec 29

No Snow

There is no snow on the beach here at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Papa and I just went for a long walk on the beach, it is about 68 and humid.

My shoulders are no longer knotted up, and I feel great!

Dec 29

Belle’s Box – 101

Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

“After a Hike”


Postmark, Charlevoix, Mich, June 17, 1918 3:30 PM

Mrs. Chas. Tinker
Manton Mich


Well, Belle, I
got here O.K.
Clarence & Alice
met me at the depot
Ed called me
up last going
there tomorrow
Pretty tired last
night but feel
good now.
with love
Aunt Ann

This appears to be from “Aunt Ann” Jones, who I researched previously when posting item 55. This gives me some more names, and another location to research, as I try to find connections with the Jones family.

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