Jan 11

Belle’s Box – 106

Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

Do you care for me still?


Postmarked, Grand Rapids, Mich, March 4, year illegible.

Addressed to:
Mrs. Belle Fellows
R.F.D. No 1


Grand Rapids
Mar 4 – 1913
Dear friend
Received your card
O.K. Say we have got some
snow now how is it
up there. How is Every
body. I wish you had
come and saw me when
you was in GR
Your Friend

Jan 10

Belle’s Box – 105

Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

As wee chicks are waking.
And flowers appear
Brer Rabbit will bear
Easter Greetings Sincere


Apr 16
5 pm
19?? perhaps 23

The City is illegible

Mrs. Belle Tinker
R.R. # 1

(To Andy Burgess)



Dear friends:
Just a line this
beautiful morning
Bill is planning for
corn oats all rowed 19 acres 25
for corn have a nice place to
live have you gone home yet
better come south ??? ?? is
just getting over the measles
Clarence is working for his
uncle write soon let us hear
from you the mail will soon
be her I am mending a
sock I will do better than
a card the next time From
Mc.Comb C. R.R.# 25

This card offers little to help identify the sender. Since it seems to be addressed to Andy Burgess, a little investigation of his family might help. Alfred A.”Andy” Burgess married Hazel Fellows on 12 July 1914 in Fife Lake Michigan. He was a cook in the lumber camps, family tradition indicates he came to Fife Lake while following the lumber camps.

On the 1920 census of Colfax, Wexford, Michigan, District 217, sheet 6a, line 28 is the family of William J. Harden, a farmer. In the family were: Murta R., wife; Clarence W., son; Lester EL (or ES), son; Vivian M., daughter; and Hannah E. Nye, mother-in-law. Belle and Charlie Tinker appear on the same page, several houses away.

In 1930, the Harden family is in Blanchard, Hancock, Ohio, District 7, sheet 5b, line 72. The names, ages and all other facts match well.

If the Murta Harden was the author of the card, perhaps their luck wasn’t so good after all in “Mc.Comb”. It appears that they moved on to Ohio.

Jan 09

Belle’s Box – 104

Read about this series of posts, regarding items in a box originally owned by Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker here. The cast of characters is located here. And, there is an accounting of people about whom I have little information here.

Hearty Wishes
May happiest
Joys and
pleasure true,
Make glad
your future Days
for you.


The postmark is illegible. The card is addressed to:

Mrs. Belle Fellows


Dear Mrs. Fellows
Frank is going to
stay for a few days yet
for Mr Potts who was
working here was sick
and had to go home so
Frank is going to try and
help Ross. so look for him
when you see him.
he wanted to let you
know so you wouldn’t
worry. From Lila

Written across the top, upside down:

Edna’s Babys
are well

Belle married Charlie Tinker in July, 1914 and became “Mrs. Tinker”. This card is written by Lila Longstreet, obviously before she married Frank Fellows on April 9, 1914. Ross Fenton and Lila Longstreet were half-siblings.

Frank was helping Ross Fenton do some work, perhaps farming or in the woods. Edna and Ross had more than one child (Edna’s babys), their first child was Laura born in 1910 and the second was George, born in 1912. Their third child, Frank, wasn’t born until 1915.

So, the card was sent after October 31, 1912, the birthday of George Emerson Fenton, and before April 9, 1914, when Lila Longstreet and Frank Fenton married.

Jan 08

Hillside Cemetery, Grant Township, Newaygo County, Michigan

This cemetery is East of Grant, MI. Take 128th east from US 31 about 2 miles. The cemetery is on the south (right) side of 128th.

The Fellows family graves are listed in order they are placed, from north to south.

Two babies. One is probably Claud Fellows, son of Belle and Henry, 1890-1890. The other is probably Erastus Fellows, born and died 20 December 1886. The cemetery transcription isn’t clear.
fellows babies hillside grant

Peter Fellows, 1886-1891, was another child of Belle Lamunion and Henry Fellows who didn’t live long.
peter fellows 5

Charles E. Tinker, second husband of Belle Lamunion

Belle Lamunion Fellows Tinker

Henry Fellows, older stone, two views.
henry fellows old stone henry fellows old stone

Henry Fellows, newer stone apparently placed with that of Belle and Charlie Tinker.
henry fellows new stone

Jan 07

Fairveiw Cemetery, Manton, Michigan


Fairview cemetery is in the city of Manton,Michigan. A transcription which resides in the Cadillac-Wexford Library, Cadillac Michigan says Gertie W. Burdick is the oldest burial found in the cemetery.

On lot 373, section 1, owner L.T. Fenton, according to the book, the remains of Papa’s earliest Michigan ancestors are interred. The lot was probably owned by Allen Lane Fenton, son of the John.

Gertie W. Burdick was the infant daughter of George Washington Burdick and Mary Jane Abbott. She would be a great grand-aunt of Papa, a sister of his great-grandmother, Susie Melissa Burdick. This is a thumbnail, you may see a larger view by clicking.

“John Fenton 1802-1872, A Kind Neighbor, Indulgent Father an Affectionate Husband, a Perfect Christian.” This transcription is in the book at the library. The stone was somewhat readable when I visited and photographed it in September, 2003.



Irving W. and Ethel M. Fenton were children of John P. Fenton and his wife Susie Burdick. Of the Fenton’s five known children, three survived to adulthood.  The stone has been repaired.  This is a thumbnail, click for a larger view.


Jan 06

Evergreen-Sparling Cemetery, Kingsley, Michigan


This cemetery just west of Kingsley, Grand Traverse County, Michigan on M113, on the south side of the road. I consulted a cemetery transcription which resided in the Kingsley Library. Some photos are thumbnails will open a larger view in a new window, you can close it to continue.

The owners for plot #69 are listed as “Fenton-Thurston”. This photo is an overview of that plot. The large stone says “Thurston”, the smaller two stones in the background near the tree are Eliza John Fenton Thurston, and her second husband, Alfred L. Thurston.

Eliza John married John Fenton, on 19 December 1849, in Clark County Ohio. She was his second wife. John Fenton and Eliza John were Papa’s second great-grandparents. Eliza remarried after Fenton’s death, to Alfred Lorraine Thurston on 10 October 1873.

overviewthrustonplotevergreen thurstonstoneevergreen Elizajohnthurston alfredthruston

Lane Fenton is listed as the owner of plot #891, which is in a newer section.

The stones in the foreground are Dr. George Lane Fenton and his wife Anna May Fenton Baier. George Fenton was a great grand-uncle of Papa, a sibling of John P. Fenton.


Here are 2 views of the marker for Allen Lane Fenton, his first wife Gladys D. Saunders and his second wife Zennah May Rawllings.

Gladyslanezennahfenton gladyslanezennahfentonevergreen3

Jan 05

Learn a Little

After exploring new territory, ideas or general “stuff” Papa and I always say, one to another, “You can quit now, you’ve learned something today.” We went a little over the top today, and learned quite a bit.

We visited the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center, here on Jekyll Island, Georgia. There are exhibits of local marine life, including sea turtles. We’ve seen the documentaries, but never a real sea turtle. In addition other animals and fish native to this area were on display.

We saw a Nurse Shark, a couple of very small alligators, and a variety snakes and fish. The alligator looked different from the Camons we see at the Detroit Zoo. It was time to feed the big sea turtle while were visited, it was interesting to see him eat his meal. Of course, our cameras were in the van, not our hands.

We didn’t take a walking tour or a kayak tour, but we may the next time we visit. I guess we thought we’d walked and ridden far enough.

We did get some help identifying the birds we’ve been watching on the beach, and a great link to a blog maintained by an artist with an interest in the birds.

If you’re at Jekyll, I recommend you check out the Nature center.

Jan 05

Grace Cemetery, Harmony, Pennsylvania

This cemetery is located just outside Harmony. It is adjacent to the old Mennonite meeting house, and was the burial place for a number of the Mennonite community in Harmony. The cemetery is sometimes called the Old Mennonite Cemetery

Here is view of the older portion of the cemetery.
A restoration project was underway when we visited, but many of the markers in the old section appeared to be beyond repair.

Emanuel Bixler. Emanuel was a great-grand uncle of Papa

Fred H. Foreman and wife Adaline Hall. Frederick Henry Foreman was the son of Isaac Foreman and Elizabeth Bixler Foreman; a sibling of Papa’s Grandmother, Susan Amelia Foreman.
FredForemanAdalinehall cem

Isaac Foreman and wife Elizabeth Bixler, Papa’s great-grandparents.

Mary Ziegler Foreman, wife of John Foreman. John S. Foreman married Mary Pauline “Polly” Ziegler about 1852. Polly was a daughter of Andrew Shelly Ziegler and his wife Anna “Nancy” Ziegler. John and Polly were the parents of at least eight children. John remarried after Polly’s death.MaryZieglerForeman

Jan 04

Greenwich Cemetery, Greenwich New York

Lot AC 326 in this cemetery contains the remains of some members of the Martin L. Herrington (or Harrington) family.

Only 2 of the burials have markers. One of the two was placed in the 1990’s by my mother on the grave of her father, David Henry Herrington. In 1950 this lot was owned by Julia Harrington, probably the Julia that was a sister of David. The burials, with links to photos of the two stones:

Ross V. died 1923 age 41, space 1, brother of Phineas and David, son of Kate and Martin. (sorry about the legs, had to block the sun!)

Martin, died 1926 age 72, space 4-this is Granny’s 2nd great-grandfather.

David Henry, died 1931, age 38 space 2 -this is Granny’s great-grandfather, the marker was purchased by my mother.

Kate, died 1936 age 69, space 3. This is Kate Knapp, wife of Martin Herrington and also Granny’s great-grandmother.

Phineas died 1941 age 60, space 8, a brother of David and Ross, son of Kate and Martin.

Jan 03

Greenwood Township Cemetery, Wexford County, Michigan

Greenwood Township Cemetery is three miles north of M-42 in Section 36, Greenwood township. M-42 was recently reclassified as a Wexford County road, 16 mile road, rather than a State highway. Some of these burials are distant cousins of Papa, some may be distant cousins, and some just names that seemed important when I visited the cemetery.


George M. Burdick
George Mark Burdick was the son of Harrison H. Burdick and Martha A. Martin. Although many of the Burdicks that originated in New York are related, I have not documented any relationship of this family to Papa.


Harrison H. Burdick, born in New York and died in Wexford County. The first Michigan record I’ve found for him is in Constantine Township, Cass County, Michigan. He later resided in Lagrange County Indiana; Porter Township, Cass County, Michigan; Colfax Township, Wexford County, Michigan; and finally in Greenwood Township.

Harry Burdick, wife Jesse B. Burdick, and baby Gracie. This was Harrison R. Burdick, son of Harrison and Martha. He married Jessie Babcock; Jessie married Harry’s brother, George M. Burdick, after Harry died.

Harry L. and Vernice Burdick. Harry LaVille Burdick, 1890 – 1965, was Papa’s first cousin, once removed.

Helen Burdick Johns and husband F. Russell Johns. Helen was the daughter of Harry L. Burdick and Vernice, Papa’s second cousin, once removed.

Martha A. Martin Burdick, wife of Harrison R. Burdick, no documented relationship.

Gordon Russell Johns, Papa’s third cousin. He was a son of Helen M. Burdick and F. Russell Johns.

KETCHAM an older large stone. I took the “Ketcham” photos because a cousin of Papa’s has Ketcham’s in her tree.  We have no relationship to these people, and she may or may not.

Ada Ketcham

Jane and Eugene Ketcham


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