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  1. TK

    Being a big fan of irregularity–um, this kind, you know, not the *other* kind–I had to pop right over from Facebook and read up this irregular post. First off you cracked me up with the *straight marching* issue (because of course that’s how I do it, and I suppose we are not the only two in that li’l club), and then you blew me away with that organization project. If’n I’da known you had these special skills, I’da offered to trade ya that vacuuming you were wantin’ for some computer file reorganization. No, no, don’t get excited, it’s too late now, I’ve used up my spring vacuuming allotment…
    .-= TK´s last blog ..May your Wednesday be wordless, but lyrical! =-.

  2. Granny Pam

    First, I ran on over to FB to see what showed up in the feed, and immediately understood our mutual irregularity. Second, I realize that my wandering mind puts me in good company, but I had no idea you were affected, too. Third, There is always vacuuming allotment, I’ll send some over. Fourth, if my special skills were so special, I wouldn’t have this mess to fix. Oh well.

  3. Apple

    I am so easily distracted! Like you, I start looking at one person and as long as I’m in a data base I mine it for him and then everybody else related to him that might be there. And then I see something for someone unrelated to him but related to me and I start chasing down that line and by the time I’m done I have forgotten who I started out with! I would be embarrassed to have anyone look at the state of my computer files – I think you are really getting a handle on yours! I might be inspired to do something about mine except that the sun is shining and I’m itching to spend hours outside.

    The Hudson Valley should be beautiful in May!

    What on earth is vacuuming?
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Mary Frances Carlisle, 19 October 1910 =-.

  4. Granny Pam

    Papa, who actually used to design vacuum harnesses (for cars) says, “Vacuum is the absence mater.” So vacuuming is hmmm removing matter? I have been to NY only once, and then in the fall. It was pretty then, the trees looked much like my home in northern Michigan. I’m pretty excited about the trip.

  5. Pat Salt

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! for describing a system for my computer that might actually help. My computer files are almost as unfocused and distracted as my research methods – hm, I think I’m going to start describing this as “nonlinear” rather than those more negative words.

    Thanks once more,

  6. Granny Pam

    I am flattered to think something I have written might help someone. I hope it does. I have taken so many wrong turns that I wonder if there are any “right” ones. I have figured out that what works best is what makes sense to me, so I can repeat it. I can repeat this, since I do it with paper already. Nonlinear, hmmm. Nonlinear in a vacuum, or in the absence of one? I know, boo.

  7. Pat Salt

    What’s a vacuum? 😉

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