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  1. grace

    Fun reading your interests.

  2. Carol

    Oh my gosh! I was a member of the Consumer Mail Panel too! And, my first computer was also the Commodore 64. Not to mention, I work in IT Support. Small world, huh? LOL
    .-= Carol´s last blog ..Tombstone Tuesday – Genung =-.

  3. Granny Pam

    Thanks for the comment, Carol, the world is small and shrinking. I never worked in IT, I was making a joke about my role with the computers and other tech related items here at home. I do the set-up and troubleshooting for all computers, all the time. That is because I am the one who is not afraid to try something if it isn’t working. I was actually a inspector, then a quality auditor and project manager. I haven’t worked in several years. But the C-64, that brings back memories. Imagine, all the addresses from our file box on a magnetic tape! Remember how long it too the program to access what you wanted off the tape. Now I can’t wait a few minutes for a page load without getting annoyed. The consumer mail panel was a scream. I got a lot samples, and I remember the kids eating cereal from black and white boxes and giving me the answers for the survey. Of course, I never bought the stuff when it became available, it was all 100% sugar.

  4. Granny Pam

    Thanks, Grace. I am enjoying reading these, too.

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