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  1. Debbie Miller

    The woman in the back row, 1st from the left is Bessie Ann Lamunion. She is my husbands great grandmother.

  2. Granny Pam

    Thank you for the identification, Debbie.

  3. Carolyn stump

    Bottom row left to right
    Belle Lamunion French, Merritt (Scott) Winfield Lamunion, Emma Jones Lamuniocn, Nellie Lamunion Patterson
    Top row left to right
    Bessie Lamunion (married x3 Hammond,Stewart, Morrison) Glen Azel Lamunion, Olive Lamunion Bigelow (widowed) then Rew., Jack Henry Lamunion ( went to Minnesota to work a harvest and died shortly after returning home from scarlet fever? He was about 22 when he died. My grandfather was Glen.

  4. Carolyn stump

    I have a couple corrections. I went over the names again with my mother. Emma widger. Lamunion. Jones was the last name of merritt (scott) lamunion’s mother. Jack’s middle name was Harvey not henry ( my mistake) died 1912 at 22 my mom thinks thyphoid fever. Olive Lamunion last name is Rew. Sorry for the errors

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