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  1. Steven Burdick Yates

    Most Burdicks desended from Dr Robert Burdick of Newport.R.I.. early 1600′s
    Lots of his decendents went to West N.Y. and north Pa. also look at http://www.burdickfamily.org/ Burdick Family Association

  2. Granny Pam

    Thanks for the comment, Steven. Our family does indeed descend from Robert Burdick of Newport. I am familiar with Howard Burdick’s site, also, but some of my readers may not be.

  3. Mary Coleman

    I wondered if my great great great aunt was married to a relaitve of yours? A Moses Burdick of Forest City, Pa.

    Her name was Mary White. I first became aware of their marriage in 1880. She was born around 1830s and died in 1924. Do you have any information?

    Thank you
    Mary Coleman

  4. Granny Pam

    Hi, Mary,
    I am not aware of a Moses Burdick in our line. Our Burdick family did stop for some short period of time at “Eleven Mile, Potter County, Pennsylvania” on their way to Michigan. I have no idea if it was one night or one year. One daughter of George Washington and Mary Jane Abbott Burdick was born there, Mable Genevieve, on 23 June 1868.

    I recommend the Burdick Family Association, http://www.burdickfamily.org/ where many lines of the Burdick family compare notes and post regarding their ancestors.

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