Apr 16

Back on Track

I’ve been working more on my hobby, genealogy. For that reason it was interesting to receive a request from someone for some copies of pictures I have. Not of people, but painted by someone. That someone, an uncle of mine by virtue of the fact he married one of my father’s sisters; was a diverse, talented guy. I know this because my Aunt described him that way, she really thought the sun rose and set on him.

I have the pictures on my wall for two reasons, a couple were given to me, and the rest were given to another of my aunts. Confused yet? Figures.

In the process of photographing the paintings, I remember my grandmother’s things, and my resolution to rescan them with my new scanner and have better copies. So I started scanning again. Now, I’m going to start posting them. If you are related, please contact me. I’d love to record your story in my genealogy. I’d also love to share copies of the photographs I have with you.