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Soper Cemetery, Colfax Township, Wexford County Michigan – Fellows

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This is the cemetery we visit most often. I am posting the gravesites for those who are associated with Papa’s family by surname.
Soper sign


Brenda Fellows, Papa’s second cousin

Loren and Edith (Watson) Fellows
Loren was Papa’s first cousin, once removed, he and Edith were Brenda’s parents, and he was Frank and Lila (Longstreet) Fellow’s son.

The Frank Alfred Fellows lot:
frank fellows plot soper

Frank Abner Fellows, Papa’s granduncle.

Lila (Longstreet) Fellows, Franks’ wife. Lila was Papa’s grandaunt, a half-sister of Papa’s grandfather, Ross P. Fenton. Ross and Lila shared their mother, Susie M. Burdick, who married John P Fenton first, and Harmon H. Longstreet second.

Luella Fellows, daughter of Frank and Lila who was born prematurely. Lila’s grave is the one at the left with the wreath near the marker.

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