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  1. Thomas MacEntee

    Makes perfect sense to me. Being in the IT field for 25 years I know the importance of backups – and if you think something won’t happen it will. I remember when I worked at one place, there was a fire in the building and while our floor was not technically damaged, the entire building was closed for over a year due to asbestos leaking throughout the place during the firefighting efforts. Luckily we had sent out our backup tapes, offsite, just the night before – we were able to set up a new office in less than a week and get up and running again.

  2. Granny Pam

    I once, years ago, worked in a small quality department which had no backup plan, and no backups; this was before QS-9000 and ISO 9000 and all of that. Anyway, the cleaning people dropped, knocked or threw the computer onto the floor one night, and you know the rest. No backup, no data. I’ve never been without a backup of all my home data since that time.

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