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Jan 24

Those Crazy Tipped Images With Black Edges

Some images I have saved look a little crazy, like this: This is the death registration for Joseph Kaiser [Grey, Huron, Ontario]. I guess picky, fussy, or whatever, but I don’t like the look. I open these in Photoshop and make a few adjustments, then I attach the result to my database. It is not …

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Jan 20

Anniversary January 20, 1951.

My parents, James Austin Yearnd and Marjorie Helen Herrington, were married on this day in 1951. The wedding was held at my grandmother’s home, 703 E. Division, Cadillac, Michigan. The picture hanging in the wall on the right is hanging in my house today. It is an English water color, about 15 x 28 inches, …

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Dec 23

Belle Fellows and Family

These photos were posted on my old site, and I am adding them here. They are thumbnails, which you may enlarge. Belle (Lamunion) and Charlie Tinker. Belle and Charlie married in 1914. Her grandchildren say, “Grandma and Charlie”. I’ll have to ask M-in-L the dog’s name. I forgot it. Belle, and all her grandchildren who …

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Dec 22

The Scott Lamunion Family

This Thumbnail can be enlarged. This is the family of Merritt Winfield “Scott” Lamunion. Scott married Emma Adelia Widger on 11 March 1876, according to a family bible transcription done by two Lamunion researchers in 1975. You may enlarge this thumbnail by clicking on it. The Lamunions had a family of seven children, according to …

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Dec 21

Lamunion Siblings

Here is a photo from M-in-L’s scrapbook. I have some restoration work to do here, but wanted to show it now. Back row: Belle (Lamunion) Fellows Tinker, Emily (Lamunion) Carter. Front row: George Lamunion, Mary Ann (Lamunion) Murray, Merritt Winfield “Scott” Lamunion. Not pictured, Benjamin “Bije” Lamunion, 1856-1892; and Olive Josephine (Lamunion) Tufts, 1862-1882. Benjamin …

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Apr 09

Seeking Michigan Death Records

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I had a few minutes today, and I spent it looking for family death on Seeking Michigan.  I had copied the information from a ledger at the Ingham County court house, but I wanted the certificate. This explains how I managed to print the image without the big thick black border,  and save the image to …

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Mar 31

The Reliability of my Blog

This entry is part 186 of 342 in the series Belle's Box

This entry is part 186 of 342 in the series Belle’s BoxWell, it finally happened, I bet you have see this, or at least watched the discussion regarding the post. It the writer intended to attract attention, I’ll bet it worked! At the route of the criticism are the following statements: Blogs are easy to …

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Apr 16

Back on Track

I’ve been working more on my hobby, genealogy. For that reason it was interesting to receive a request from someone for some copies of pictures I have. Not of people, but painted by someone. That someone, an uncle of mine by virtue of the fact he married one of my father’s sisters; was a diverse, …

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