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Apr 06


I was checking Facebook this morning to see what I missed while I was away this weekend, and I clicked on an advertisement.  I’m not much of an ad clicker, but it was something about a garden tool.  I’m all for gardening this time of year. I actually think this is the best laugh I’ve …

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Apr 04


Spring might really be on the way! The Daffodils look pretty good. The bedroom is finished! I put all the stuff back, I know there is too much. It is all photos, old high school year books and other worthwhile things. Here is a view over the head of the bed. The wedding ring quilt …

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Mar 19


This morning, I was reading blogs and at least two of the bloggers I read regularly, Tipper, and Becky posted photos of their daffodils.  I’m behind, again!  You might remember last fall, when I did some work on the flower bed on the south side of my house.  I planned to move my daisies to this …

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Dec 10

Little Choppers

I was down in the basement, doing laundry the other day, and I saw some little wood choppers hanging on my clothes line. Really. You can see their little axes, and also notice that some assembly is still required. A little investigation, and I found their legs: Papa has been making interesting things for the …

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Dec 04

Morning Glorious

I know your remember my arbor, I cut down and dug out the roses and planted Morning Glories this year. On July 8, they were started up. You can see the twine I added to give they somewhere to climb. On August 15, the thing was ready to take over the world. We couldn’t walk …

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Dec 03

Here’s to Summer

These are garden photos I haven’t had time to post.  They are from July 22. Another view of the back yard from a ladder. Rhubarb in the foreground, tomatoes behind.  On the right of the Rhubarb are some raspberries. From a distance.  Left climbing the fence, cucumbers, then green beans, lettuce, carrots, beets, then the …

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Dec 02

Not Much – But a Summer Photo

You probably won’t hear much from me for the rest of the week. S-Dad has an eye appointment tomorrow. I need to do some shopping, some cooking, some baking and get ready for a fun weekend with our family. Right now, I sewing some dresses for my granddaughters. I need to finish them and clean …

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Oct 20

A Little Done, a Good Weekend

Someone sent me an e-cookbook of “taste-alike” recipes.  So, Papa says, “Does if have Steak-n-Shake Chili”.  I look, and it does.  That was Saturday morning, and Saturday night we had it for dinner, with our apple pie.  Papa said it was the same, and he loved it.  I didn’t like it so much, but it …

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Sep 08

Morning Glorious

This spring, we dug out some older climbing roses and planted Morning Glories in their place. GD2 was here when I set out the plants. They weren’t doing to well, so I bought some seeds, soaked them, and added them to the ground. On June 11, when I took this picture, the were very small …

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Sep 07

More Garden Pics

Here are how my peonies this spring, on May thirtieth. Remember when I was talking about a new flower bed. Well, improved, anyway. It is right there, in front of the peonies. I must have been tired or disgusted, check out where I left the shovel! Here is another view of the bed, from the …

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