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Apr 07

Snow, Oh No!

I promised myself I’d post these, I am just a little late. When we got home Sunday the Daffodils were soooo happy: But, it snowed overnight. I didn’t want to go out, but finally did when the little choppers started chopping and throwing snow all over! the Daffs were hanging in, but shivering. The choppers …

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Mar 12

Right Now

To the person in charge of snow: Stop it! RIGHT NOW! D1 told me to stop it, but I’m not in charge. So, she said to find the person who is. I’m to busy to search, so I’m sending this message. Back to painting, and I also have a carpet to pull up and cut …

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Feb 04

A Taste of Spring

It was a little warmer for a day or so there, but now it’s back to the deep freeze.  We are supposed to have a warm weekend, but it won’t help Papa and I any, we are headed north to M-in-L’s house.  She’s having a birthday, and we want to be there. I’m busy as …

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Jul 08

Home Again

Papa and I arrived home a couple of days ago, after a tour that included 3 bluegrass festivals, 2 quick stops at home, 3 grandchildren, a couple of rainstorms, and a bunch of fun. First, the bluegrass, the reason for the tour. We attended the Hart Brothers Festival near Guysville, Ohio. Had a great time, …

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Apr 12

Mourning Dove

I went out to take out some trash the other day, and heard a Mourning Dove.  Sure enough, it was secure on the wire above my drive.  We’re actually overrun with the darn things, but as far as I can see, they haven’t caused any trouble. Each time I hear one I think of my …

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Mar 16

A Little Warmer

It was nice yesterday, almost 40 degrees in the warm part of the day.  I vacuumed out Papa’s car and my little car.  I probably need to get out the carpet cleaner, but that will have to wait for much warmer weather.  Today, I vacuumed out the van.  It was a lot cleaner, we haven’t …

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Mar 07

Let the Southern Weathermen Party

A bunch of Kentucky and some of  Tennessee is under a winter weather watch. Our snow is cancelled, so I guess they are getting a little taste of being us.  I wouldn’t have known this but Sista wrote about an owl chick which fell out of it’s nest.  I found the weather stories while looking at …

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Mar 06

A Drive and a First

After S-Dad’s eye appointment yesterday, we had a nice lunch.  S-dad really likes to eat out, and doing so alone isn’t much fun.  I must say the drive over to the appointment was like a roller coaster ride.  I can’t believe that people that live in MICHGAN don’t know that snow is slippery.  We saw …

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Mar 05

And the Winner is…..

GS2.  He came home from Scouts last night, and went upstairs saying he was going to pray to the snow gods.  I don’t believe we got over 4 or so inches, but school is closed today. I just shoveled enough to get my van out, because S-Dad has an eye appointment this morning.  GS2 will …

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Mar 04

Winter, Again

There is some kind of crunchy stuff on the driveway, and it is slippery.  I did not slip or fall when put out the recycling and garbage this morning, but I walked pretty flat-footed.  The forecast is for another bunch of snow, beginning this afternoon.  I don’t like that, and I don’t want it to …

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