Tag: New Year’s Resolutions

Mar 17


It is a little too early to post quarterly progress on my Genealogy Goals, or a little too late to post monthly progress for January and February. So, I will consider this an irregular report to myself. I have been troubled by side trips, which makes marching straight toward a goal difficult. Some of you …

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Dec 31

New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, or Whatever They Are

Thanks to Jasia at Creative Gene for hosting the New Year’s Carnival. She posted the following: Call for Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy will be: New Year’s Resolutions! This year is almost over and a new decade is knocking on the door. This is the perfect time to …

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Oct 20

Progress and Pain

Back on December 28, 2008 I made some resolutions, on which I will report progress today in this post. This is not a 30 day or quarterly report, I am writing it because I don’t know what else to write today, and this may help me decide what to write tomorrow. No more foot dragging, …

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Aug 08

Moving Right Along

I feel disconnected from the this blog right now, having spent the last week on other things. Some reports for my genealogy society, some other work for that cause, a trip to Lansing to protest (so 60’s), and a family reunion. Now all that is water over the dam. I’m going continue on my quest …

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Dec 28

New Year’s Resolutions!

Often, I receive invitations to participate in Carnivals. I don’t often participate. It may be that I’m not good at following suggestions, or it may be that I’m not creative enough to relate my blogs to the carnival topics. Imagine my excitement when I realized that there was no way out of the next edition …

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