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We’re Off!

We are headed for Perrysburg Ohio, just south of Toledo later this morning. A indoor festival has been held there for years. With Larry and Lisa Efaw at the helm, the show is on the way up. This year, the Daily-Vincent band, Bobby Osborne the Hart brothers and many more are playing. It was a …

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TIME OUT from the fun, please read this carefully.  Especially if you are concerned about the future on our earth.  The Detroit Free Press front page is screaming at me today, “Ski-high dioxin level taints river in Saginaw”.  People, if you don’t understand about dioxins you aren’t alone.  Dr. Linda Birnbaum made a presentation on …

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As Usual

As usual, I have plenty I could complain about, and then I saw this on Sista’s blog.  I’ve got nothing to say now, except please pray for everyone in danger.


A nice day yesterday, and another coming.  Perhaps a week full of them.  This time of year, warm days are a reminder to get the fall stuff done, before it’s too late.  My fall list has been put off, don’t know when I will resume.  Spent yesterday afternoon with step dad at the eye doctor.  …

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