Road Rage

The other day GS2 missed the bus.  So, I fired up the old minivan and drove him to school.  For some reason, the electricity was out a couple of miles from here.  It seemed to have affected some stoplights, but on our route, only the secondary ones, at turnarounds or in the middle of miles were out, the signals at major intersections were operational.

So, I dropped him off and started home.  We live north off an east-west road, and just before the intersection where I turn onto that road 2 of the 3 lanes are blocked off due to construction.

A guy with Missouri plates nearly ran into the old van, and cut me off.  Then, he turned so he was traveling in front of me.  There is a major corporate headquarters just after that turn, and the signal at their entrance was not operational.  Now, around here, the rule is treat malfunctioning signals as 4 way stops.  When I stopped at that signal, Mr. MO speeded by me on the right and cut me off again.

I don’t know if I should be glad there wasn’t an accident, or annoyed at his impatience.  So many careless drivers around here…..