Busy, Busy, Busy

Today, S-Dad came and picked me up. We went to an orchard and drank cider and ate doughnuts (him) doughnut (me). The real reason we went was to get some apples, which we did.

I’m going to make pie and have him for dinner tomorrow.

Then I came home, and picked D3’s raspberries. There weren’t as many as last week when I made 2 pies, but there are enough for one big one. While I was at it, I cut down the dead tomato plants and retrieved our cages. They’re getting a little downhill, but I saved all of them anyway.

Then, I called the neighbor and asked if I could have some apples off his tree. It’s a crab apple tree, and they make wonderful jelly. We haven’t had any crab apple jelly in years, and it sounds good to me.

We’ve lived here almost twenty years, and I never asked for apples before, but our neighbor was Mrs. R., our new neighbors mother. I didn’t want to trouble her, and I never asked.

I heard someone say he’s going to cut the tree down, so this was probably my last chance. I got a bunch of them, so I’ll be busy, busy, busy again tomorrow.

Bobby Osborne is in concert at Oakland County Community College, Royal Oak tonight. Be there!