On My Way

I am on my way to New York this morning. In honor of the trip, I wanted to explain some of what I am taking, and why. I will skip the clothing, except to say that I brought layered things, comfortable shoes, an umbrella, and a couple of warm jackets. It is all in one suitcase, I learned to travel light when I was working and flying every week.

Now the traveling light thing goes out the window. Since this trip is based on genealogical research, I packed with that in mind. My not-so-brief (thank goodness it has wheels) case contains:

  1. Magnifying glass, computer glasses
  2. Pencils, pens, notepads, index cards
  3. Notebook with:
    1. Family group sheets
    2. Maps of each location I intend to research
    3. List of individuals by location, showing what events took place in that location
    4. List of research locations, including address, phone, fax and hours they are open. Yes, I called ahead.
  4. Camera, extra data cards, battery charger
  5. Laptop, cord, small mouse, small surge suppresser, cute USB cord
  6. Portable scanner
  7. Computer lock
  8. Extension cord
  9. iPhone with GedView and my gedcom loaded, a pdf reader app and pdf family group sheets and lists, address book, clock, GPS, camera, dictionary app, Dragon Dictation, music, games, Facebook, Google including maps, WordPress– well, almost everything. If I didn’t really need to type on a real keyboard and see a bigger screen, I would not need the laptop.
  10. Lifesavers
  11. Change for copies
  12. More stuff you don’t need to hear about

not so briefcute interface

My cemetery kit contains:

  1. Trowel
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Gloves
  4. Flashlight
  5. Tin foil
  6. Old shoes
  7. Mirror
  8. Paintbrush

I have a cooler, but it is mostly empty. By the time you read this I will have crossed the US/Canada border and I wanted to minimize the potential for problems. It is just easier to buy food in New York. I have an electric frying pan, a small electric tea kettle, an empty water bottle, laundry soap and dryer sheets, and our travel kitchen bag with paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, a can opener, my prescriptions and vitamins, garbage bags, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and empty plastic foot storage bags. I also have a small reusable lunch cooler bag. Papa and I do not often eat in restaurants, and I won’t be doing so too often on this trip.

If you think I forgot something, it is too late to help me. Luckily, I know there are stores in New York, Vermont and Massachusetts, and those are the places I will be visiting.

The most important thing is something I am not carrying with me, my Google Map. I constructed a map with all the landmarks and research locations marked. Each marker has the phone, hours and other details about the place. I hope between the iPhone and the map I will get to the places I consider most important and accomplish as much as possible.

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