Treasure Chest Thursday – The Bricks

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In a big bag on the back shelf in my store room is a toy remaining from Papa’s childhood. The bag is made from some fabric M-in-L had around. A quick search on E-bay shows that many sets of these hard plastic bricks have survived.


The original can was long gone when Papa and I married almost forty-one years ago. These bricks hold special meaning for us, F-in-L was a bricklayer. Papa took an apprenticeship beginning at sixteen, and laid brick during his college years, and for some time after his graduation. In those days, as now, jobs were hard to come by, and we were glad he had his trade to fall back on. I remember asking him how his day went, and he would say, “One on top of two, all day long.”

1 on 2

These toy bricks have been enjoyed by our children, and our grandchildren. I wonder how many more generations will consider them worth keeping?

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