Treasure Chest Thursday, Buenilum

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After my Mother passed away, S-Dad waited a while, then began hunting for a place closer to his children. As he packed up in preparation for the move, a number of things came to the surface, and traveled down the road to Granny’s house. Two of those items are today’s subject.

I remember this plate and pitcher being around when I was young. The pitcher was used for water at holiday dinners, or on other occasions when we had company. Like a lot of folks, we used the faucet when there was no company.


The maker is the Boehner-Wanner Company of Norwalk, Connecticut. Buenilum is a trade name used for the hammered aluminum pieces. The company was started by Frederick Boehner Wanner, you can read a little more about him here. The mark on the bottom of both is a castle with the initials B.W. and the word “Buenilum”.


The pitcher is about 9.5 inches high. I did not measure the amount it can hold, I think it is about two quarts. The serving tray is 14.5 inches across, excluding the handles. I believe there was a glass liner that fit into the depression, it has not survived.

These days, I have been working hard to get my old photos scanned. Check out this one I came across recently, with the Buenilum pitcher on the table.


In the back left, my grandmother, Winnie (Kaiser) Yearnd, at the end of the table, brother number 1, then me with the dirty face, then my Dad. Mom must have been taking the picture. Maybe I will put the pitcher on the table tonight.

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