Belle Fellows and Family

These photos were posted on my old site, and I am adding them here. They are thumbnails, which you may enlarge.


Belle (Lamunion) and Charlie Tinker. Belle and Charlie married in 1914. Her grandchildren say, “Grandma and Charlie”. I’ll have to ask M-in-L the dog’s name. I forgot it.


Belle, and all her grandchildren who lived nearby at the time. One uncle told us that Bill Burgess would not sit down unless Uncle Hi was in the photo, so there is Hi. Hi was the husband of Eunice Fellows.

From the back left:L Laura Fenton (later married Pratt), daughter of Edna Fellows; Grandma (Belle Lamunion Fellows Tinker); standing: George Fenton, son of Edna Fellows; seated: Hiram Smith, husband of Eunice Fellows.

Front: Rachel Burgess, daughter of Hazel Fellows; Loren Fellows on Grandma’s lap, son of Frank Fellows; Frank Fenton in front of his brother George, son of Edna Fellows. Hiram is holding: Left: Bill Burgess, son of Hazel Fellows, right: Henry Smith, his son with Eunice Fellows.

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