Until We Meet Again

Papa’s Dad left us nine years ago today. In many ways, it seems like yesterday, but it was not yesterday. Our niece, who is his youngest granddaughter, had traveled the distance between a little girl and a teen. We have two granddaughters he never saw or held. Our youngest grandson does not remember him, and our older grandsons, his great-grandsons that he was so proud of, are far from the safety of home, one in the Navy and the other the Army.

This picture of him hangs in M-in-L’s home. It looks so much like him, that I expect him to say something every time I see it. But he has said all he had to say, and helped us all he could. He never said a disparaging word about anyone. His family, the neighborhood, and the world are richer for his passing this way.

I am not sure if it is the tractor, or the man on it, or the beautiful scene behind him that looks so like home, but today looking at this gives me a sad feeling.
bill sr tractoredited
William R. Warren, Sr., 7 March 1918 – 10 November 2000.

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