Yard Work

It was almost pleasant out last night, so I stacked the dishes in the sink and joined Papa and D3 in the yard.  D3 and I trimmed the bushes to make mowing easier.  I raked one of the two ditches, getting rid of the worst of the leaves out front.  We put the leaves on the garden if we must rake.  Most of the time we can get rid of all our yard waste on the garden or under the bushes.

Papa mowed off some of the bush roses.  There are more to do, perhaps this weekend.  The garden and part of the yard is muddy, D3 was pointing to the wettest spot on the lawn when she sank to her shoe tops in the garden.  In the words of a wise farmer, “It’s too wet to plow”.

When we finally came in, there was a brush pile the size of a small car on the driveway.  I just finished tending to that this morning afternoon.  Around here, branches have to be cut to 2 feet and tied with twine.  The smaller brush has to be in paper bags for composting.  It took most of the morning to do, but it’s done.  I sat on a milk crate, to keep from leaning over the whole morning, cut everything up with the, raked it into a pile, and deposited into bags.  It worked fine, and I have 6 bags of brush in the garage.

I have a little lot of sewing to do, and I have to fold my wash, and I have to take GS2 to pick up his car from the shop, and I have to think about dinner.  Darn, no rest.  I’m going to a genealogy seminar Saturday, so I have to make the most of today.