Apr 19

Winnie A. (Kaiser) Yearnd Scrapbook, Marion Augusta Yearnd

Marion A. Yearnd, 1912-1969, was the second of my grandmother’s 5 children.
Marion Yearnd

Aunt Marion was a tiny lady, size 2 or something. She lived in Chicago, and worked in various governmental offices. She never married, and visited our house on Thanksgiving often when I was small. She may have come more often, but I was small. I suppose she started visiting us when Grandma died in 1957, and she could no longer stay there. I remember meeting her plane in Reed City, then Grand Rapids. It was very exciting for a small town girl, and Aunt Marion seem quite sophisticated in her big-city style and attitude.

Aunt Jane said Marion was easy to pick out, with her little cheeks. In fact, we pick out a lot of my family by those cheeks. Here is a school picture from that page, not sure what year. The school was in Cadillac, Michigan. They had a school for each ward, but I haven’t researched the school the children would have attended.

Marion Yearnd elementary class

Here is Marion on the porch of Grandmother’s house, 703 East Division, Cadillac, Michigan. This was the second home she and Grandpa lived in. It is also the house my family moved to after Grandma died in 1957. I have many memories of visiting Grandma in that house. She called me “Sweetie” and I called her “Sweetie”. I don’t know if Grandma was a taboo word for some reason, but I never referred to her as Grandma (until now.)

Marion Yearnd

There are a some people I can’t identify in some of these photographs. I believe them to be Yearnd cousins, Aunt Jane mentioned them often. In any event, they often appear near a house I also can’t identify. Here is the first on in that catagory. I know this is Aunt Marion, and I know it’s “the other house” that appears often in the early family pictures.

Marion Yearnd elementary class

One more from that page, one of Aunt Marion and Dad. James Austin Yearnd, 1927-1979, was a bit younger than the other four children. Well, 10 years younger than his closest sibling, and 15 or so years younger than Aunt Marion.

Marion and James Yearnd

You can see how short Marion was, since Dad looks to be a young teen in this one. This photo, and the one of Aunt Marion in the boat were probably taken at the family cottage on Lake Mitchell.