Hamilton Cemetery, Edgewood, Gratiot County, Michigan

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This cemetery is south of M-46 and Breckenridge. We got there by following Barry Road south from M-46. The mile roads are named for presidents, so we cruised by Jackson, Lincoln, Van Buren, Harrison, Tyler and Polk roads, before the pattern was broken by St. Charles Road. I have no idea what it is named for. One mile south of St. Charles the pattern continues, Washington, Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan…. The cemetery is just south of the intersection of Washington and Barry Road, on the east side of Berry road.


The Peet and Gross families were residents of this area, and are related to our son-in-law.

The Gross families are descended from Jonah Gross, born in Enfield (historical), Hampshire County, Massachusetts, and in Oakland County, Michigan by 1831, perhaps earlier.

An older stone marks the grave of Alfred A. Gross, 1857-1894, a son of Jonah and his first wife, Harriet Harwood. A transcription of the cemetery has this as Gross, unknown.
gross unknown

I did a little work on it, and am satisfied that this was placed at the death of Alfred A. Gross. If you look at the enlarged image, the 1874 and the A. Gross are very clear. and you can see the outline of the Alfred.
alfred for sure

An more modern marker was apparently placed later, perhaps when Rhoda passed away. Alfred A., 1827-1894 & Rhoda (Dayton) Gross, 1841-1930, were S-in-L’s 3rd great-grandparents.
alfred rhoda dayton gross

Guy C., 1887-1958, & Timoline I. (Peet) Gross, 1890-1974, S-in-L’s great-grandparents.
guy timoline peet gross

We also photographed these graves of others from S-in-L’s family.

First cousin 3 times removed, Fred T., 1883-1954 & Anna H. (Meehling) Gross, 1893 1974.

Second cousin twice removed, George A. Gross, 1916-1977.  He was Fred and Anna’s son.

Second great granduncle, Frank J. Gross, 1858-1940, and wife Julia A. , 1860-1938.

Great granduncle, L. Henry Gross, 1908-1966, and wife Ruth, 1913-1999.

Great granduncle, Leo, 1890-1953, & Grace M. (Hill) Gross, 1891-1947

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