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Thoughts of Thee

Pansies for Thoughts
so let it be
Mine are of you
Let yours be of me


Stamp ripped off, and I can’t see any evidence of a postmark. Addressee:
Mrs Bell Fellows


At the top above the salutation:
Alfred wife
is expected
to live so
Ross father
say yesterday

Dear Mother
all well at present
suppose you got
then [them?] things
Alfred have got a
boy 7 pounds. She
behave better since
she dont get handly
so much

I wish I knew the date of this card. Alfred Thurston Fenton was a brother of Ross Fenton, Edna’s husband.

Alfred married first on 25 November 1919 Hazel Christine Goff, who died 4 November 1910 shortly after the birth of her son, Morris William Fenton on October 21, 1910. Morris died 4 November 1910.

Alfred’s second wife, who he married on 20 February 1917 ,was Hazel Jeanette Tossey. Alfred and Hazel Tossey were the parents of several sons who might have been the one referred to in this card.

I suspect the birth referred to in this card is Morris, especially since it seems that “Alfred wife” is ill.

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