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“Along the Road at Old Mission, Michigan”

I believe this refers to Old Mission Peninsula, in Grand Traverse County, Michigan.


Post mark, Old Mission, Sept 17, 9 a.m. 1914. Addressed to:
Mr. C. Tinker
rout. 1. Mich


Sep 15th 1914 Old Mission
Dear old friend how are
you all we are all fine but
I wish I was at home there
u know place lik home
I am getting fat up here
tell Hazley I will send
here a card from your old
time(?) friend
Mr Twombly

At the time of the 1910 federal census the family of Gardner J Twombly was living in Cedar Creek Township, Wexford County, Michigan. the family included Gardner, 35, his wife Elizabeth, 31, their daughter Goldie, almost 2, and his step-children George age 14, Esther age 11, and Allen age 9, Westbrook.

The marriage of Gardner Twombly and Libbie Scott Westbrook on 11 September 1905 is found in the marriage returns of Wexford County, Michigan on Family Search Labs Website. Also:

The 7 Sept 1895 birth of George A Westbrook to H.A. Westbrook and Elizabeth Westbrook.

The 19 Aug 1900 birth of Allen M. Westbrooke to Henry A. Westbrooke and Elizabeth Westbrooke.

I also found the following records on that site:

Esther May Westbrook and Peter Jack Shiager married on 11 November 1917 in Midland, Michigan.

On the 1920 federal census Elizabeth Twombly, Mother-in-law 41, Goldie Twombly 11 and Frank Twombly age 4 are found in the home of Peter and Esther Shlagar in Ward 1, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan. Although Elizabeth’s marital status is “married” I can’t find Gardner anywhere on the census. I guess he didn’t come home.

Again on Familysearch:

Esther Westbrook Shlagor and Walter A. Gray on 29 January 1923 in Liberty, Wexford, Michigan.

On the 1930 census of Flint, Genesse, district 16, Michigan, Walter Gray is a boarder in the home of Paul W. Crawford, sheet 19A. He is married, and working in an auto plant.

Back in Manton, Esther Gray, married, is living on 1st Street, with a family of Jonathan Gray, father-in-law, Helen E. Slager, daughter, Allan P. Slager, son, Cora Bell and Eva M. Gray, daughters and a boarder.

I can’t find hide nor hair of Elizabeth after 1920 and Gardner after 1910, except the post card evidence from Grand Traverse County. And Goldie and Frank Twombly also disappear. And I think my lines are hard to untangle!

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