Belle’s Box – 73

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We always anticipate
helping you celebrate
Christmas by sending
Good wishes unending.


Addressed to:

Mrs. Charlie Tinker


Postmark: Grand Rapids, Mich; Dec 27 1932, 2:30 p.m.


504 Kenwood St. N.E.

Dear Aunt & Uncle,
It is cold here and
some snow. Every-
body is quite well.
We have popped some of the corn &
it is good.
Best wishes to all.

Len & Huldah

Huldah Carter and Len Terwilliger were niece and nephew-in-law of Belle. Huldah was the daughter of Belle’s sister Emily and her husband Andrew Carter.

It must be that Belle and Charlie had sent or taken some popcorn to Huldah. I can’t imagine that the growing season was long enough for popcorn in Wexford County, but it is equally hard to imagine them purchasing a gift.

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