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Apr 10

Almost Finished!

Well, I’ve been busy.  After my day at the Library of Michigan Wednesday, I spent Thursday playing catch up.  I’m not there, but almost.  I spend some time in the yard, finally!  It sure felt good to be outside.  I raked one of the ditches near the street and hauled the leaves to the still …

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Mar 31

Not so Wordless Wednesday- Cadillac Ice Storm 1922

Another Scanfest, another batch of photos to choose from! Thanks to Miriam for again doing a wonderful job hosting us all. The little book I scanned was among some things left in a box in my garage years ago. A step-son of my step-mother brought them, and told one of our daughters, these belong to …

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Mar 04

Not so Wordless Wednesday

OK, another post from the treasure trove of photos of me, myself, and I. I will be including other family members as I go along, but I’m a first child, and most of them are me, me, me. Over on an e-mail list I read, this is called “shameless self promotion”, SSP. Shay-Ron over at …

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Feb 25

Not So Wordless Wednesday

I know this isn’t my Genealogy blog, but this isn’t exactly a genealogy post. I became acquainted with Wordless Wednesday as a geneablogger, but Wordless Wednesday is used by other bloggers as well. S-Dad passed on a book of photos that Mom had saved for me, or for herself, or whatever. There aren’t a lot, …

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Feb 20

Saturday is Right Around the Corner

There are a bunch of options for bluegrass in the D this weekend.  After careful consideration, Papa and I have decieded to head down to the Huron Valley Eagles and see B0 and John and ’em.  We’ve seen Bo sing quite a bit, but this will be the first time we’ve seen this group.  Bo …

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Feb 08

Home Again

We had a nice visit with M-in-L over the weekend, and ate some good food.  She’s been a little under the weather, but seems to be improving.  Since her back has been bothering her, I helped out a little with some chores.  Did me good to think I might be helping a little. We stopped …

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Jan 27

A Little Project

We bought this house sixteen or seventeen years ago when we came to the Detroit area. At that time, D1 was married and living “up north”, D2 was beginning her last year of high school, and D3 was a freshman in high school. We had a house in our old home town that we hadn’t …

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Jan 14

Choices and Changes

Step-Dad is moving Saturday, to a new place he bought near his son’s home. He asked me to come over yesterday, to look at some things he had set aside as he packed. My step brother is thrilled, I could tell when I talked to him. Excited, glad to have his Dad coming home, so …

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Dec 27

On the Road

We’re off this morning, headed south. We’re staying just south of Knoxville, Tennessee tonight, and then headed to Atlanta Sunday. Just to entertain you, here is what our van looked like, in comparison to the snow at M-in-L’s house over Christmas. In all fairness, our nephew had just shoveled the roof off, so it wasn’t …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to all my friends, readers, and even those of you who have stopped by accidentally. I trust those who don’t celebrate the same holidays that I do won’t be offended by this genuine greeting to fellow Christians. We will be spending time with family today and tomorrow, I hope you are able to …

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