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Dec 04

Morning Glorious

I know your remember my arbor, I cut down and dug out the roses and planted Morning Glories this year. On July 8, they were started up. You can see the twine I added to give they somewhere to climb. On August 15, the thing was ready to take over the world. We couldn’t walk …

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Sep 24

Ike, One More Time

Well, things have improved on the coast, but there is a long way to go.  I was looking around this morning, and found this.  Oh, and check this out, also.  After you read the articles, keep praying for the area. Thank you.

Jul 30

Cluck Old Hen

Papa and I went out to the garden last night, and picked many cucumbers and zucchini. We also cut a lot of lettuce, and pulled a few carrots and beets. I picked one cabbage to eat, I enjoy slaw this time of year. I was able to give some cucumbers away, but we are overrun …

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Jun 11

Garden Troubles

I’ve had more problems than usual with my vegetable garden this year.  We had to replant the lettuce and the carrots.  The beets came up pretty spotty.  A few of our tomatoes suffered frost damage, and some tomatoes just died, don’t know why.  To top it all off, a few days ago, 12+ broke off …

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Apr 30

Bag Lady

I notice that most stores are now Selling bags.  You pay $1.00 for a bag you can re-use.  This little publicity stunt has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with the bottom line.  I suspect if the stores were serious about environmental issues, they would just quit having plastic bags, and sell …

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Apr 08

But, it was Going so Well…

I got up, put out the garbage and recycleing and sat down to the sewing machine.  I had quite a bit done on the petticoats for the flower girl dresses when I realized I was just a little short of fabric.  Oh well.  I had an appointment at the recycling center, can you believe I needed …

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Apr 06

What’s your answer

If your work area looked like this, what would you do? What I did was go outside and work on the yard. We finally had a nice weather day. The ditches by the road got raked, the weed and feed got spread. And I was rewarded with this:

Mar 08

Cranbrook Science Museum

Papa, GS2, GD2 and I took a quick trip to the Cranbrook Science Museum today.  It was Saturday, so there was a bevy of activity.  GS2 and Papa watched a show in the planetarium while GD2 and I wandered.  Her reaction to the Mammoth was , “Look at the big elephant!”  She found the motion …

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Feb 28

Nice, Revisited

I know you remember the (what-a-nice) dish post of a while back.  I was confronted with a similar situation a couple of days ago.  You remember my flu, right?  I didn’t feel too good Sunday evening, so I asked Papa to go to the store and get cake and topping for our strawberries.  He did.  …

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Feb 11

A Fine Weekend

We had a fine weekend, in spite of the miserable weather.  We went “up North” on Friday night, arriving at M-in-L’s home about 9:30.  She was waiting up, good thing it didn’t take any longer.  If you really care, this is one some people think about the geography around here. ( if you read that …

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